Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 4: Happy Wesak

2am had Jamie's shark fin soup, 8am woke up for morning walk.
walked around the condo and found some nice places
seaview tower swimming pool
the sky lounge at the 23rd floor
bird eye's view
calm and soothing
had the best penang chicken clay pot rice at ambassadress.
here go my favorite food ranking:
1. Jamie's porridge
2. Clay pot rice
3. Alvin's Chicken Chop

Chong Ming brought us to the temple.
Joanne, Jaspreet, Jamie and Jun Shen.
had indian food in the evening.

today i failed to keep up with pace 16 in the gym. i'll try harder tomorrow.
by the way, i found a swimmer who swims faster than me. he swims 17 strokes to cross the pool and i normally do 18 strokes. i like competition *grins*

cooked myself dinner, first home cooked dinner in Butterworth.
cleaned the drumstick and clear all the fats, yucks...
boiled the chicken for 2 hours, and put in meat balls and crab stick and seaweed.
it was tasteless, wanted to call jamie to rescue me actually. solved the problem by putting seaweed into it, making it a bit salty.
moderate protein, rich carbohydrates and iodine, low fat.
there go my healthy athlete's dinner=)


thurai OP said...

boycott shark fin soup,save the shark,u can make the different!!

Jamie Ng said...

Haha thurai, very environmental friendly. I love shark fin soup too much!!! Sorry about that =S

And JUN SHEN!!! u didn't let me try yr cooking. Very selfish of youuuuu. Nothing for u anymoreeeeeee.

Mr Lonely said...

happy wesak day. nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...