Saturday, November 5, 2011


although 6 years back I didn't have a blog to record incidents, all the memories of the best period of my teenage is still well kept in my heart. here I am, after 6 years coming back at the place where I always hangout after tuition class-Petaling Street.
this place has never changed. I saw the same florist at the same spot, shoes and handbag stalls at the same old position, and chessnut seller at the same T junction. not forgetting the foreigners, they're everywhere! I've seen snatch theft, pick pocketing, police raid VCD stalls, and so on.
even this very famous mata kucing stall, also remains at the same spot.
Only I have changed, grown up few centimeters taller=p
I came here for tuition, every sunday. both my younger brothers came here too, and the best part is we were taught by the same teacher! every time talking about teachers in kasturi we will start teasing them with their bad habits.
Add math teacher cikgu ghazali never look at the students when he teaches, always blink his eyes and shout in class. Cikgu Lim has a girl's voice, and shakes his butt as he talks. Bio teacher got fair skin, he once brought glow-in-the-dark condoms to class to show, ended up he got back only one. the others, went missing. haha. Chemistry teacher Christina, always bring big 1.5L sprite bottle to class, well hydrated=p

I also won't forget when I was ignored for the entire 2 hours class by my friend for refusing to speak Cantonese.
I used to come here and pray. I remember a friend of mine told me to pray to the god at the right hand side after the entrance, for academic excellence. I enjoy walking with company, but today I'm all alone. So I walked back on the same road, visited all the places that I used to spend time at. Last time I was using a Nokia 2100 with no camera so cannot take picture of this place. The phone was my mum's 2nd hand phone, but I was really happy to own my first phone at the age of 16. As a Junior Under Officer in Royal Military College, having a hand phone was against the rule. Being a smart survivor, I was never caught.
Popular repositioned their racks and shelves. However, I always feel the same every time entering the door, very comfy.
I bet the boss of Popular bookstore must be a Chinese who strongly believes in Feng Shui. Look at the entrance, supposed to be one of the edge of building. They're trying to avoid entrance facing busy roads, it's a remedy for bad luck.
I was shocked, and sad seeing this. 6 years back it was a McD, the place where I learned my first lesson on how to be a gentleman. A girl was walking with me to McD, I pushed the door to let me in, then the door slammed at her=p So every time I see those auto close doors, I'll remember this lesson number one. I was a mean and cold military man even when i was 16. I looked at my old pictures, after joining RMC, I can hardly find any photos of me smiling. The worst part, I was REALLY harsh to girls. However, I was given the chance to change. =)
Last time here was a gift shop, its called Lychee. Lots of cute stuff inside, key chains, fluffy soft toys, fancy wrappers, and remote control cars etc. I got a Smiley key chain from here too, reminding me to smile always=)
at the wall next to this cyber cafe u can see all this graffiti, u will know who wrote all this nonsense when u see the initial SP. haha. I rather keep it to myself.

refreshing old memories and self talking, is what I normally do as an endurance athlete. I'll be talking to my bike during long rides, telling the roads my secret during marathon. that doesn't mean I live in the past and not moving on. I just love to keep sweet memories, hope it remains sweet forever. my phone isn't beeping, no message, zero call, that's why I'm blogging. Blog is my space express my thoughts and feelings, when no body is free to talk to me.
Ethan Matthew Michael
Monday I'll be attending a wedding. Ethan will dress up like a gentleman, and I'll challenge him. Let's see who is more handsome! that's why i brought me blazer along. So, any modeling companies interested to make him a model, do let me know. Sunday I'll hangout with alvin, dinner time with Jin Aik. Tuesday, it's time to go home. Get ready for Powerman!

my lecturer told me not to worry about fats of Penang food despite Powerman is just around the corner. she said

"the impact is pain but the memory is sweet"



Henry Wong said...

Nice write-up! Now I know how to spend time during long run and long ride! :p all the best to your powerman next week. Sad I won't be around for the race!

Chan Jun Shen said...

Henry=) I'll try my level best for Powerman. I come out with new aero position, wonder if it'll make me faster on the bike=)