Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 5: Understanding Machines and Girls

4 am in the morning i saw this message :
"I guess u're asleep. I just read yr blog and i'm very angry! Goodnight and goodbye"
Immediately i got off my bed and turned the lap top on to find out what's wrong with my blog that made her so angry. really didn't see any problem or offensive words at all.

anyway, every time i feel i offended her i'll apologize. and i couldn't sleep after reading the comment. it was a wrong decision for not bringing A4 papers to Penang, currently i have not even a piece of A4 paper. i took my notes for final exams and tore it into 2 and wrote her a letter of apology then hung it on her grill at 0440H.

in the morning i got to know that she was joking.
the mixture of anger, funny and disappointed in my heart. i was angry because i couldn't sleep because of that and the next day i have to work! it was funny coz it sounded a little like prank, probably she watched too much of college humor. disappointment coz i felt like she took advantage of me taking her words so seriously, so i'm a stupid fool.

as i always do, i wouldn't get angry....

saw this picture when i was flipping the malakoff's pamphlet.
these 2 guys sitting on the sofa, are from Royal Military College.
i felt so proud to see them. very proud.

learned in detail about the power plant system. so much more to learn and i'll always not disappoint OP AJ=)

was eating halfway actually.

was in Malakoff, sms-ed Jamie to ask abt dinner.
she told me she had headache, then she missed all my calls and didn't reply to my messages.
of course the very first thing that crossed my mind was defintely "she is REALLY not well"
by the time i reached seaview, still no reply. got back to my condo and I was kind of worried actually. i ended up didn't even enter my house, i turned back and went Econsave and bought some stuff to cook. gonna cook a light and healthy dinner for sick people.
coz i care.

when i was cooking half way Jamie called saying sorry as she slept so deeply and didn't hear her phone rang. so i cooked noodles with seaweed, crab stick and meat ball, exactly like what i cooked yesterday but today with pepper in the soup.

she came late, got something need to solved. i was there patiently waiting.
then i send this msg "10 men were caught by the enemy now become prisoner of war coz u're late"
most of the time the gravy will not enter the flesh of prawns, i bought a syringe from pharmacy and injected each prawns with asam jawa. each and every single one of them. the prawn tasted good but the sourly taste isn't that strong, next time i should make the asam jawa thicker.

thanks for your Compliments Jamie=)

we had a nice chat with Alvin and Jamie was telling Alvin that I'm so full of myself. Alvin spoke to an air force officer and he was complaining how loud he spoke to him arrogantly, and Alvin admitted that i'm considered very good already. the drastic change in the way i talk compare to when i'm with my military friends and with civilians, no body actually appreciate it. changing a person is not easy, 8 years molding me into a military man, and i've been trying hard to be gentle.

deep in my heart i hope somebody will appreciate what i am doing to improve myself especially to fit the civilians.
will the opposite happen where civilians try to even tiny bit to fit into military life?

my experience and achievements in life, probably some people take it as i'm showing off. i'm blessed with nice people assisting me to my path of success, showing strong support to keep my motivation high, and that's the reason why i'm who i am today. how do i deny my achievements when i'm proven to be capable and deserve all of them, my hard work all paid off.

Jamie's father said "when u are good, it's hard to be humble"
but the daughter just totally disagree, and kept telling me that i like to show off.
from today onwards u will never hear a single achievement of mine. i'm not gonna tell u.


Jamie Ng said...

Your post sounds a lil serious. I guess you're hurt. Sorry sorry. I won't joke with you anymore =S

Eddy said...

no joke no fun...
he wont mind...

Frm AD...