Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surviving 8th Year in Iron River

today, marked the 8th year I'm surviving Kem Sungai Besi.

8years back i reported to RMC full of fear and unwillingly put on the RMC tie
8 years later RMC tie is what I'm proud of

8 years back I was a nerd naive little boy doing hammerlight push ups and uncountable squad jumps, sweat at night after got ragged by seniors
8 years later I'm a 3 times Langkawi Ironman Finisher at the age of 21 who survived the grueling World's hottest Ironman.

8years ago i used to SINK in this swimming pool.
8years ago i was gasping for air when senior brought me for 2.4km run.

8years later i swim 3.8km
8years later i bike 180km
8years later i run 42.2km

8 years back I shined seniors' buckles and shoes and needed one hour to shine a pair of boots.
8 years later it took me only 10 minutes to shine my boots.

my passing out parade 2006

4 years ago i made it to the passing out parade.

then joined UPNM...
will be another 4 years in Iron River

my siblings. made in RMC, all the 3 of us and my dad.

the chan jun shen today, is the result of 8 years regimental life in Kem Sg Besi, countless hours of military training, priceless lifetime experience, and surviving the competitive environment where only the strong survives.

the place where i cried, i sweat, i bleed