Friday, February 12, 2010

Open Water Swimming

5th Feb 2009
Open Water Swimming at Sg Udang

i post this slightly late due to my busy routine and poor internet connection in my new room. we went sg udang for open water swimming after discussion with our club advisor Lt Col Ananthan (R). He was the Commanding Officer in Sg Udang commando camp, so sg udang will be the best place for us to swim. before making the decision, we actually plan to go PD, but if we go PD, who can escort us with Jet Ski and Boat? so better go to the commando camp.

2.30pm pushed off from Wisma Pegawai Kadet. it was raining cats and dogs, we packed everything up to the van, while the other officer cadets fall in along the stretch from roundabout till the Regimental Police. the seniors will shake hand with the juniors and walk out from upnm.

when we reached Terendak, the MP stopped us... then Col Ananthan told him we're cadets, going to sg udang.. the MP spoke to him in an arrogant manner without knowing that he was the CO of Commando. then Col Ananthan told us "he is doing his job"... at the Sg Udang gate, same thing happen.. they even asked him to report at balai pengawal.. haha but when the senior rate saw him, i can see their face beam and quickly come and shake hand with him. I spoke to few commandos in the camp and i asked them.. "howz Col Ananthan when he was here?" then they gave good comments about him=) normally when the lower rank still respect u even after u left the service, it shows good signs.

next we go to the transit, the treatment was good=) i feel very grateful for their hospitality, commandos prepared our room and packed up food for us!

this is what i call the carbon fish. because during my orientation week in RMC, the fried fish that i ate is almost full carbon and as hard as stone, if i throw to the louvers, i can guarantee it can smash the glass into pieces.
but this time, the fish's good=) can be considered as VIP treatment, coz they have no reason to serve us, they asked nothing for return!

next morning...
this 2 guys drafted at my back are afraid of crocs. haha! honestly, i'm very vey scared when swimming in the sea. the day before so many people told us that this sea got crocs. imagine yr limbs got bitten while swimming.. seriously i dare not imagine if i were to race Ironman Langkawi in the physically challenged category.

from shore swim towards the oil rig.. then swim back to shore. itz around 3km plus..

their mini zoo... haha. this animal is not for u to play with.. itz fierce!

21 Regiment Special Boat Commandos. bought their assault swimmer T Shirt. haha...

2 boats and 2 Jet Skis escorted us.

this is Asher. i was in RMC with 2 of his brothers Alwin and Aaron=) the 2 brothers are very fast middle distance runners, i can hardly catch up with them! but Asher is a cricket player.. haha try to be different.

all the IM participants from UPNM!

Tuan Sham and I..

man in black..

Col Ananthan helped to pull the Jet Ski up...

keep pulling!

this is what Team work is all about..

Espirit de Corp..

Haziq fell off from the Jet Ski as the commando drifted left and right to make him fall. then when both thrown out from the seat, he said "Tuan, salam pengenalan drpd komando".. haha!

i'll be the Port swimmer and Tuan Sham be the Starboard swimmer.

"saya mewakili Naib Canselor UPNM Dato' Pahlawan Hj Zulkifli mengucapkan setinggi2 penghargaan. mungkin kamu tak kenal dia, tapi dia 3 bintang.. saya tak sangka dapat sambutan yang semeriah ini walaupun saya bekas sini.. "

Pictures for Facebook! haha..

snow wash the Jet Ski after swim session.

we drafted the van after breakfast... i'm at the back. drafting crazy close are this 2 guys farhan and Tuan Sham

tuan sham fell during the climb. he drafted very close behind farhan.

Thumbs up for the technical team Haziq and Mek.

i'm selected to be in the Team Excel Power Bar=) this is the picture taken by haziq in putrajaya. Power Bar has been with me since 2005, but this is the first time i'm being sponsored. feel very happy, and i know i really need to give more commitment to improve my performance. participants have high expectations for the team power bar. last time i feel very proud when i overtook the team elites in racing=D now i'll feel sad when somebody overtake me=p


Anonymous said...

congrats Chan !! you deserve this selection and I hope you will make the best out of it. 1 think for sure ur tri-race fees will be waivered +, Powerbar stock for 2 years. More importantly is that you will use it to boost more and more motivation to be the best of what you're are, and continue to inspire not only the other UPNM cadets but also the rest of the tri community !! All d best for Langkawi dear Chan (and also Sham + Paán). Will be there to support you guys aight !!

Kam said...

Chan, can i join the swim next time? I grew up in Sg Udang Camp. Last visit in 1984, I wonder how it looks like now.

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

kak juli, u've been very supportive all this while and now that being part of the team excel i really need to buck up and work harder.

OP kam, i'm not sure when will be the next swim session, but will inform u if we're gonna swim there again=)

bop said...

Chan, did u sell any parts of your bike?i wnt to buy it if u wnt to sale it..


bop said...

my last event in extreme sports is around 2006...also last comp in triathlon in miri, sarawak. after that never involve in triathlon becoz i didn't have a bike. last time using UNIMAS bike.heee...

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

bop, unfortunately i'm not selling away my bike parts as i'm still active in endurance racing.
anyway, if u need any help in buying bikes, i'm willing to help u out with it=)
feel free to contact me=)