Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 3: Defeating treadmill

Day one reporting to work.
4 students from UTM will be joining me, and they're all from north.
Left my gutters in KL and i only realized it this morning. quickly get a bicycle tube and cut it into 2 stripes and there go my gutters=)

Jamie woke me up at 0630H this morning. i actually set the alarm 0700H since work starts at 0800H. anyway, very nice of her to gimme a morning wake up call coz mum told her i'm used to stay in big community, and it might take some time for me to adapt. I'm the latest to wake up among my room mates, now i have no room mates and must wake up on my own.

Day one at work pretty much briefing about the safety precaution in power plant.
at the same time, the guy who briefed us warned us about the seniority and gossips among workers. it sounds so like military. bought myself safety shoes at Chai Leng park, went there WITHOUT GPS. i have Jamie to thank for stopping me from using GPS yesterday.

i was supposed to have lonely man dinner and planned to cook on my own, so i went Econsave and called my mum asking what and how to cook. my first time buying chicken=)getting lots of attention at Econsave when buying stuff wearing Celoreng.

went swimming, saw a guy competing with his girlfriend and i actually eavesdropped and got to know that she raced at AIMST. the winner was the guy. HOWEVER, from the way he swims, he was struggling to not be defeated. the gf glides very well and obviously an efficient swimmer, but the guy won because of his ego and eager to show greatness in front of girls.

today i defeated the treadmill. i ran at pace 16 for 10 minutes, and i start to hear some noise from the motor. that shows treadmill bow to me=p i will gradually increase the incline till i really defeat the treadmill. guys in the gym all building up their upper body, i'm the only one doing lower body.

a very big thank u again to whom it may concern who actually reserved a bowl of her home made shark fin soup for me, but i went out with Alvin for dinner and movie. today marked the 6th year of my friendship with to whom it may concern where we first met but not knowing each other at brickfields temple.
Happy Wesak=)

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