Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This year, my race schedule has gone haywire. I actually don't know what am I doing, not sure if I've fully pushed my potential to the extreme. But one thing for sure, I'm racing more frequent than ever, and the races I'm going are all the CRAZY ones. =p

Tioman Island Eco Challenge, I didn't know ANYTHING about the course until one day before. 
Mount Jerai Challenge, the organizer didn't even publish the actual distance or the route. How am I gonna prepare my nutrition plan and race gears? Langkawi Ironbound, is a 24 hour race. Longer than Ironman, multisport event. Never done before, organizer also want to keep all the disciplines as a mystery. I will pair up with Hong Kong and Japenese racers, I heard they're elites. I've tried to look for their contacts but the organizer has yet to reply me. Haha. I don't even communicate with my team mates. Can they speak english?? A week after Langkawi I'll be running a 42km Full Marathon to raise funds for stroke people. The week after marathon is PD International Triathlon.

4 long distance races, BACK to BACK ! It's gonna be amazing (I hope). =p haha

when I was driving my team to Teluk Batik, we were discussing about religions and believes :
Zack told me, 
"dulu masa aku rajin mengaji, aku rasa tenang. skarang aku kurang mengaji, huru hara hidup aku"

 This conversation happened before wesak. lately many weird incidents sort of injected me the motivation to study more in depth about my religion. I'm not shy to declare that my knowledge for my religion is very poor, I was not exposed to it and what my parents taught me was all about how to survive. That made me a super tough survivor in the military. I think I've had enough of fast paced life. Let's put all the earthly achievements to aside and look at life from a different perspective.

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