Monday, July 9, 2012


One very interesting question thrown to the ADFELPS Test Panel this morning by my junior :
"Sir, why do we have to follow Australian Standard? Why not British?"
The answer was rather simple and diplomatic
"We send people to Australia instead of Britain to cut cost. Australia is nearer. So we learn Australian accent"

Overall, the test was too hard for me, I had a hard time listening to the Australian accent. I'm unlucky today for getting an essay topic which doesn't suit my way of writing, or may be my general knowledge is just too shallow. Generally, I think the listening part will pull my marks down. I had to close my eyes and listen attentively to the conversation before answering. Even we had it replayed twice, I still missed some of the points. It wasn't straightforward answer.

All in all, I would say MUET is much easier compared to ADFELPS. Given the chance to sit this test again, I believe I can do better. The topics given in speaking test favors me as it is closely related to my final year project, after brief introduction about myself and family background,  I talked non stop till the panel said "enough". =p

tomorrow, I'll be meeting the Commandant officially, for the very first time. I've never been to the Commandant's office. Hoping for "All is well" like the movie 3 Idiots. =p

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