Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A letter from my reader

 Thanks to Mr Abdullah bin Salim for sending me this paper cutting which has my very tiny face in it =p This envelope has brought a big wide smile on my face =) Such a nice blog reader I have. Hahaha. Also, I have just approved him on Facebook. not sure how long was the request pending. so sorry about it. hahaha. I want to know my Facebook friends, I prefer it 2 ways communication, for that reason I hardly approve people I've never met or talked to.

From this picture he could recognize me. I can't clearly see my face yet Mr Abdullah could recognize me by my outfit. Time to dress up funkier for my next race, how can I be so predictable??? where is the "element of surprise"... hahaha =p

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abdooss said...

Lt M Chan,

I'm honored! Thank you!