Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mount Jerai Challenge Race Report

My race preparation.
After coming back from Tioman Island, I've made up my mind that I'll carry hydration pack every time I race trail. Immediately ordered Ultimate Direction AK race vest to prepare for my next trail running (Thanks to TriStupe) for getting me the contact =) I'll make this race report a quick one, focus on my nutrition. 
Pre race briefing wasn't satisfactory. They suddenly say water station is very limited. Luckily I brought my race vest. We were promised to get dry fit shirt, but lastly they gave us cotton. Was supposed to get our race shirt during registration but was delayed till carbo loading. Carbo loading was merely chicken and white rice. I had the same meal in the afternoon! Food is a huge problem at that area, looking at the local stalls, they don't even bother to top up their food when they see a whole bunch of customers coming in. A bit disappointed.  I spoke to the organizer about it and they told me their problems, I'm sure they'll improve next time. I've raced their events a few times, I'm positive they'll get things better for the next race =)
Zack found his new best friend Mr Lizard =p
visited the archeology muzium, all this while I've read about candi Lembah Bujang in my text book but never got the chance to see it. wanna see more artifacts, see it in my facebook album.

The flag off was a little messy. It was supposed to have 3 waves, but ended up become 2 waves. kinda havoc with people got confused which wave to be in. anyway, my tactic was easy, go hard at the early stage and position myself at the front pack. I don't wanna get stuck in a train of racers walking up. Alright, for this race I'm a little money motivated. I'm being honest, I have Ironbound Langkawi next week, spent a lot of money on race gears till this month I can't pay my mess bill. =p
I told the treasurer, I'll pay after Mount Jerai because by all means, I'll go podium. hahaha.
First kilometer they made us run pass 2 streams, here comes the advantage of wearing GOtrail. No kidding, thick cushion can make yr shoes weigh extra one kilo after soaking inside the water. The only dumb thing I did was I wore a super cheap loose socks, I thought of throwing it away after event=p Anyway, I was 3rd placing on my way up, before the turning point, Saiful Khohar my team mate overtook me. I had a Hammer Chocolate Chip Bar an hour before race, took 2 capsules of Hammer Endurolytes and filled my bladder with Endurolytes Fizz. In my race vest I had a Hammer Gel and Perpetuem Solid just in case I get super hungry.
A simple rule to estimate how much of calories you need to refuel for the race
total calorie burn x 30% = what you'll need for the race
5.5km teluk batik trail I burn 424kcal x 2 loops = 11km (similar to race course)
Total calorie burn x 30% = What will be in my Race Vest
848 x 30% = 254kcal 

So I can roughly estimate what to eat and how much I need.=)

Trail running is full of uncertainties, a lot of top road runners didn't do so well in this technical trail. Garmin 910xt can offer me all the data, but I only look the the distance. My category's turning point is at 5.5km mark, so I pushed myself a little harder at the final km. I was exactly 1km behind the champion, then I saw another indian runner before Khohar. My descend was super fast, I chased the Indian runner down and pulled away from him to maintain my 3rd placing. I need to pay my mess bill remember? =p haha. The 1 liter of Hammer Endurolytes Fizz has saved me from cramps, I kept myself hydrated all the way to the check point, saved a few sips for the descend. I felt very fresh and strong, podium finish is very possible. Other racers were very considerate, they gave way for me to pass and even cheered for me. very good sportsman spirit. In return, I'll tell them how far more to the next check point since they don't have Garmin =p

For future racers, hope this Garmin recorded data can help u. click Garmin Chan Jun Shen
 This is what we team2ndSkin do =) checkout our blog for tips and info =)

My 2ndSkin team mate Yip says, descend must be fast and snake like. 
I tried to descend "as snake like as possible"... and realised that I'm not so "snake" after all when I fell with a superman dive. I saved my Garmin before I turned into a superman, so my waist was bruised. =p This trail is relatively easy, the trails are clearly marked, not so slippery and not many thorns. All I can say is, once I finished Tioman Island Sultan Ahmad Shah Eco Challenge, everything becomes easy. Once I've endured a tougher course, I get stronger. Anything that doesn't kill me will only make me stronger! 
 I got 3 giant blisters. wear cheap socks somemore la... 
took Hammer Recoverite after the race, I need to speed up my recovery before Ironbound Langkawi which is just one week away. 
 My race gears. =)
3rd placing for my category =) The Navy team came back with a few podium finish, very fruitful race for us =)  can pay mess bill already. that's all for now. Have a good day readers =)

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