Thursday, July 1, 2010

Royal Military College - from Zero to Hero

the death of one Putera of Bravo company, i saw articles and have been listening all the nonsense speculation about RMC. since i was from RMC and part of RMC, i feel the urge to write this post to tell the world what RMC is all about.


RMC's motto SERVE TO LEAD. now you serve, then only you lead. does it make sense? only a good follower will make great leaders. great leaders serve as follower's leader.
i've been telling the world that it was my father's decision to "dump" me into RMC. the first few months in was hard for a 13 years old teenager. i didn't involve in any sports when i was in St John, but RMC made me become a 3 times Ironman Finisher at the age of 20 today. i never deny that ragging exist in RMC, my seniors always tell me that RMC = Ragging Must Continue. the Malay version, MTD = Mental Torture Department

it was the uniquely challenging training in RMC that pushed me to my limit, and made me a tougher man. if a MAN cannot withstand hardship whether physically or mentally, don't call yourself a MAN! the purpose of those harsh trainings mainly to mold a boy to a man, and a man to a leader. the regimental environment and lifestyle made RMC a very special school like no other in Malaysia.

food, accommodation, uniform, allowance, all provided. the only thing u have to earn yourself is the priceless experience in the Home Of Future Leaders. this school is NOT for ordinary Joe. if u enter RMC just to study and wear thick spectacles, get the hell out of there and join MRSM or any other boarding school.
my siblings, all trained in RMC including my father. we learned through hardships. hardships and obstacles that doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. my homesick experience during orientation week forever left its mark in my life. i cried many times and at that time i told myself "aku macam anak terbiar kena sumbat masuk sini"

however, it didn't take me too long to get used to the challenging lifestyle in RMC. after 4 years in RMC, i appreciate good food, i appreciate every single meal at home, and i thank my parents for sending me there. all the tears and sweat, i trade it with experience which made me mature day after day.

joining RMC, my aunt frequently come and visit me to teach me math and some other subjects that i'm weak at. she is a great teacher, she can teach everything and she has all the answer for my questions. my straight A's in UPSR and PMR, it's all because of her constant support and encouragement for me when i feel like giving up on my studies.

my grandma cried when i told her what happened in RMC. somehow, i successfully complete my 4 years.

when i was form 4, i was selected to join the 7 days voyage on board Tunas Samudera. there's other school will provide such expedition for the students. seasick was my greatest enemy but i never vomitted, i stayed strong because my father is in the Navy, better not memalukan keluarga. climbing the mast was an amazing experience, seeing the tourist so tiny down under taking picture of us, and a spectacular view of the sunset.
we traveled to KK with our air force's Charlie. which school in Malaysia can provide such special transportation?
3rd year in RMC i climbed Mount Kinabalu at the age of 16. i'm proud to have climbed the highest Mount in South East Asia. the students from outside school need special training to climb Kinabalu, but we went there without that "special training" because our daily routine is already mentally challenging and physically demanding.
but some people will say it "torturous"...

all the 3 of us are OPs. from left OP Chan, OP Stupe, and OP Chan again. i did my very first Olympic Distance at Titiwangsa, and that day was OP Stupe's birthday. i was 16.
before i graduated from RMC, i completed 2 sprint triathlons and 1 OD with a steel bike!

this man was my Commandant Kept Syed. now he already put on First Admiral and awarded Dato'. RMC is the only school lead by a military man. for that reason, life in there will forever be regimental and highly disciplined. whether like it or not, tradition never dies and all commandant must be from RMC because they're the only person who understand the unique military life during the teenage years.
weapon practice. PKBM main senapang kayu, kita main M16 betul..
i marched more than 5 hours a day, and see those lines? i was seriously sun burned for the passing out parade! through hardships we'll be wiser and gain more experience.
after those harsh trainings and uncountable hours of marching, we performed a wonderful Passing Out Parade attended by Ministers and Generals.
4 years memories will forever be cherished. to all my batch mates, i will forgive all of you especially those who sabo me to shine senior's shoe, iron uniform, cuci jamban, masak maggie, buat milo, and solo fighter. you guys made my life colorful.

the Sovereign-my batch

today, i'm actively involved in multisport, completed 3 Ironmans and constantly racing. sponsored and fueled by Power Bar. everything started from RMC.
see this picture, this is what one malaysia is all about. unity among races, we eat sleep train cry together.
this is who i am today, studying in University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia pursuing my degree in Mechanical Engineering.
to all mothers, need not to worry. this is a special school like no other. i feel sad for what happened weeks ago, but we should also be reminded that RMC contribute so much in making great leaders to run the country. from Fighter jets to Submarine, big company CEOs to ministers, you will see us everywhere contributing to Malaysia.

if a plane crashed once, then you will never travel by plane? is that so? i believe RMC is making the right move to expel the culprit. the management will play their part to keep RMC be one of the best school in malaysia.

Last but not least...


JUO ALPHA 2003-2006




aofuad said...

OP Chan,
I am equally proud of you and your family.
Keep it up.
OP Azudin

L.E.Y.H.A said...

agree with you, chan.
tak semestinya, kerana segelintir perkara, kita terus buat persepsi negatif.

good luck to u, chan!

Vincent Tzai said...

Really like your post very much...
The outsiders keep blaming RMC because of 1 accident, and they never think that RMC had been produce a lot of GOOD leader since the establish of the college.
Hope that they will read this and know what is the RMC all about.

azmil said...

nice one OP Chan...
hope other malaysian will read this as explanation to what is RMC all about..
OP Azmil(A-Coy 01-04)

OP Chan Jun Shen said...

to all OPs, thanks for the complement. we need to let the world know how RMC train us.
-serve to lead-

caiz said...

you are right chan :)
time are changing but RMC will continue producing the best among the best quality leaders

apik said...

chan.. terlinang air mata aku baca post kau yang sangatsangatsangat menarik ni.. well done.. gud job..

Bukit Tengah said...

Chan, Saya berbangga dengan awak...
Cikgu Ismail Zainol Abidin, sehingga 2010, saya belum dapat team yang tahan seperti Chan, Adi, Thamo, ... u like..... said...

Salute u Chan!Keep it on and take care! u like..... said...

Hi, i am chin chun from kakithon UTM. We are going to join MUDS 1st series in your University. We have tried to contact you from your hp no but can't reach in. We hope you can help us to arrange our accommodation during the competition period. We have 11 boys(including our coach) and 2 girls. We will reach UPNM this Friday around 2-3pm. If there is anything you can contact Wei Xiang or me (017-9468898)
Thanks a lot.

adib azman said...

Nice story sir !

Shaharudin Ariffin said...

OP Chan.... truly mbproud of you...

OP Shah(OP75)