Friday, April 19, 2013

Skechers GOTrail Review

Earlier this year, I've registered for a few half marathons and shorter distance races. My only long distance run will be SCKLM, trail running is out of my list. I'm curently based in Lumut, being part of the Navy's Endurance Racing Team has brought my training schedule to the next level. I get to train with the special forces! The mileage they put in is incredible, if I were to train alone, for sure I wouldn't have gone this far. Last month I was told that the Navy is sending team for Sultan Ahmad Shah Eco Challenge (SAS EC), it is a 30km trail event. Went to Skechers KLCC to collect my GOTrail, the very basic gear I'll need for trail running. I had no idea how tough it's gonna be, so I asked my Team 2ndSkin. 3 words I can tell u about Yip (UltraRunner, Ironman, Powerman), and he thinks SAS EC is mentally more demanding than Ironman! I knew I need to really prepare...
My training ground is normally Teluk Batik Trail, it is approximately 5.8km, elevation gain around 380m per loop. My 5km on the road is around 19 minutes, but I can spend 42 minutes (best time) inside the trail =p Anyway, this post will highlight the performance of GOTrail =) Just to remind you that this is NOT the "ALL WEATHER GOTrail", this is the normal one. 

 My trail running preparation.

GOTrail's toe box fits me just nice, not TOO roomy. I prefer my trail shoes to perfectly fit, because I always wear compression socks when racing, I doubt my feet will expand much with the support of compression socks. Compression socks helps me to recover fast, protect me from scratches and blood sucking leech! =) The upper mesh is made of Skechers GOdri hydrophobic technology to make it "feared by water" =p Haha. Logically, less water goes in means less water goes out. I had early impression that it's gonna be hot inside. I was very wrong! It is not super breathable that all the debris and muds can come in, but it doesn't soak water inside the shoes. When you wear it you'll know what I mean. The only problem I face is sand! When sand goes in, it'll never come out, same problem faced by all other trail shoes. I'm not very sure if the "ALL WEATHER GOTrail" will perform similarly.

With 4mm heel drop and "M-Strike" technology, it encourages Midfoot strike and assist a smoother transition between foot strike and toe off. The slightly raised midfoot elevated the heel from touching the ground, 4mm heel drop  helps to compensate your accidental heel strike (Similar to most of the GO series). I personally feel that Midfoot strike is important in trail running because you the only time you will possibly heel strike is when you descend. 

GOTrail is a lightweight trail shoe with excellent flexibility, the inside is totally seamless and feels very comfortable. It has an integrated Ortholite insert for better moisture management and anti-microbial agent. GOTrail has more support in the heel area, it comes with a "soft brace" for more stability and better padded around the heel collar. I don't know what they put inside as the cushion, when I washed it yesterday, it doesn't retain water very well. This is important as trail running is full of uncertainties, you can get wet and muddy anytime. 

Teluk Batik Trail's greatest challenge is the dried leaves. I've done more than 10 trail running racing, this Teluk Batik Trail is exceptionally slippery even during hot days. Most part is sandy, combined with dry leaves covering the trail, excellent for what I call the "tropical rainforest skiing". =p To solve that problem, the Resagrip provides ample traction for fast descending. The multi-directional grooves helps when trekking on slippery rocks. How long will the grooves last, I have no idea. Skechers Performance claimed GOTrail has a thin rock diffusion plate to spread the pressure, protecting your feet from the rough trail. GOTrail's design is very humble, comparatively not as striking as other competitive brands. The performance of GOTrail makes it worth the money you're paying. 

Review done after 46km Trail with Total Elevation of 3468m. Me in my 2ndSkin Team Tee =)
 Here is the link to the 17.47km Teluk Batik Trail I did yesterday with Team Navy.
**The Skechers GOTrail was provided by Skechers Malaysia for via collaboration with Team 2ndSkin. Available at Skechers store**
More Pictures here

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