Thursday, April 25, 2013

Been training with the Navy team lately, the mileage they pump into the program is INSANE.
I get to skip the morning session because I have class. If I were to follow them, either I turn pro or I collapse. hahaha. The only tactics that keep me with the front pack is my strategy *grins*

My strategy = study the elevation, pace and nutrition. 
They aren't much of a book worm like me. So even when I share with them, they seem not very interested. At least I've tried to share. I'd shut of my brain in the evening and put myself on the starting line, listening them updating the mileage is not very motivating =p

still can't believe I actually did 17km trail last week, one shot. Giler!


K3vski said...

Are these the same navy guys who beat me all the time in the local tris? Soon you'll be as fast as them :)

Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin, they're good in strength but I still think they could be much better if properly coached. =)