Friday, June 22, 2012

Civil Military Relation

Lately, a few new friends came into my life. To bridge up that gap from a total strangers to friends, lots of questions will be asked. On my side, I always have to make that extra effort to explain my military side of life. Situation just doesn't permit, time doesn't allow me to explain from A to Z. However, on some rare occasions, I'll explain especially when I think that particular friendship is worth "investing". To date, I have more than 400 friends request on facebook. The very main reason for not approving is that I can't handle too many friends.

This Civil Military Relation if not handled properly can cause serious communication problem. My civilian friends never understand :
1. why I can't go out as I wish?
2. why must I wake up early for parade?
3. why must I roll call?
4. why have to stand still in a parade?
5. why have to march to class?
6. why must have both graduation and commission?
7. why military people are so harsh?
8. WHY I get government pay?

That's just 1% of my long list of FAQs. Military only preserve democracy while the civilians practice democracy. Restriction kills creativity explains why we aren't creative and sometimes behaves harshly. Last week, a lady cadet complained to me saying her vulgar words vocab tremendously improved after joining the military. I laughed like crazy! We curse to release stress, we don't mean it in a bad way actually. See that cultural difference? At civilian school, my teacher taught me not to curse. Come to military school, instructors impress me with their fluent cursing =p

Technology definitely helps to have an effective communication, having Samsung galaxy S2 in my pocket should do the explaining job. Minutes ago, I uploaded about 70 pictures of my military life which I think is significant enough to make people understand how it is like to put on uniform and be called "soldier boy". A picture means a thousand words. So next time anybody ask, I'll just show pictures =p I always think the military people must blend into the civilian world, and be patient while explaining. because one day, they will become civilians.

my exams ended on Thursday. Get holiday? NO! we have to start our Zulu training. Simplest way to be happy during this period is to shut down the brain and just keep going, physically. Just DU la... =p This semester I studied with a high performance team, hoping to score better grade. I always change study buddies every semester. Right after exams, I was given abundance of editing work by my friends. They asked for my help to correct their grammar and sentence structure. Okay my english isn't perfect, but I'm one of the few band 5 in my uni, so I helped them out with their thesis. Some sent their thesis to the Pusat Bahasa, came back with almost perfect grammar but got their technical information all messed up. U expect them to understand your technical information? hell no. Due to time constraint, I only help 4 of my friends. Those 4 chosen ones were mainly because they helped me a lot throughout my years here. They even offered to pay me RM150 per thesis! One thesis will take about 5 hours to edit, so I'll end up working till morning to complete one thesis. I didn't even charge them a single cent. I believe in karma, do good and get good =)  


nurlisa kamal said...

hello and greetings.

somehow this isn't a right place to drop a comment but all i wanna say is, ur blog are interesting, to know how your life is being a military survivor.
keep it up. love to hear more life-shocking experience after this.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Dear Blogger Nurlisa Kamal,
I went through a few of yr blog posts, u wrote it really well, I believe readers understand how it feels like to be a Navy's girlfriend. Have we met before? =)

nurlisa kamal said...

i think so. (kot?)

btw, all those thing was a story only, some of the experience is adapted from my mom's and aunt's as they are married to navy.


Chan Jun Shen said...

I actually found out who yr bf is. It doesn't really matter even if he is my junior. After I posted your blog link on facebook, yr blog has been getting lots of new readers=) Because yr stories sound real, that's why I initially thought u are married to a Navy officer. I'm son of Navy officer too=) Nice blog, keep writing.

nurlisa kamal said...

i take it as a positive way to keep me writing on this stuffs. thanks to you. i really appreciate what you did. :)

Kwang ming said...

Hi chan, I'm now emjoying my two weeks off after completing bmt for the air force..i really look up to officers like you and i believe that when you are commissioned later you will be well respected..oh and the part when you said that your civilian friends can't understand y the gov pay u is hilarious..its was the same for me when i came back from bmt. Respect.