Monday, April 15, 2013

This morning I was told that some of the subby's long weekend has been frozen. I knew it a week earlier when I met my officer, he said I went for weekend 3 times already. 2 times I went out because of sports, 1 time because of Ching Ming. I didn't even go on holiday vacation! While the top management urging to achieve the sky high goals, a lot of things going wrong at the end of the food chain. Last year I promised myself that I'll be a commoner this year, not wanting to have any ranks. Now I'm taking up 2 positions, bukan gila kuasa, but my friends insisted me to take up that post. Anyway, I've done a lot of self-sacrificing tasks, I had a lot of sleepless night. After my triathlon training gotta come back and clear the undone tasks. Damn tiring! 

Too bad I'm not good in bodek. I don't purposely perform well in front of officers. Perhaps that's the reason they think I went on vacation =.= I'm sure none of the officers know how many things I've done for my batchmates since I took up my rank. None of that matters to me.
Be the best for the world, don't be the best in the world.

As I've told my officer, I can take up 2 ranks at one time, but please let me do sports. I'm not abandoning my duty, I'm doing extra! Triathlon is my anger management, the best anti-depressant ever. I have to limit my running events, because I'm under the triathlon team, they don't officially come out with signals to send athletes for running, only the athletic team does.

some people want to have my life so badly, it is not as easy as it seems. I have lots of challenges in my career which I can't share it with anyone as no one understands my super complicated life. Let say I share problems with a friend of mine, I'll need to make him/her understand some military terms and routines which will need a week to be explained. So might as well I save my energy to sleep.

Out of all the miseries, I still feel grateful that every evening I get to do triathlon training. I'm bucking up my trail running skills, preparing for Sultan Ahmad Shah 30km Eco Challenge. Discussion with my 2ndSkin Team Mates always give me very positive input. Hope things get better after this.

My lizard theory. When someone step on yr tail, dont turn back and bite especially when it is not worth the fight. Leave it behind and forget about it. Grow new tail, move on with new life. - Chan Jun Shen


TriStupe said...

I can learn new things from your outlook in life. Nice.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Sir, I tend to come out with a lot of philosophies when under stress =p ahahah

Friday Zaman said...

Your lizard theory is very "deep". I think I m gonna try to practice them and see the outcome. :-)