Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bidor Half Marathon 2013 Race Report

All my racing gears were already packed before 8pm yesterday. I even tried the method I used in Penang Run when I stayed in Jin Aik's house, hoping to settle down my pre race jitters without too much of hangover. Halfway during my sleep, I had to wake up for roll call (head count in the military camp) at 10.30pm. After that, I couldn't sleep anymore. I jumped off my bed and shifted the timing chip from my GoRunRide to GoRun2. Crazy last minute decision! GoRun2 has less cushion hence more speed, lighter weight and more minimalist but risk myself from ankle pain. 
*well, I'm not quite ready to wear minimalist for long distance running* 

Everything was just against me for that whole day. Cut short the rubbish drama, I got myself ready on the starting line. The book that Hammer gave to us was very helpful, my new nutrition plan was all based on the guide (I keep changing plan, to the better). Basically I emphasize on eating after workout to stock up my glycogen level, hopefully I have premium fuel which can last for 60 - 90 minutes. 

9pm supper - 4 banana 4 bread
3 hours before race - One Bar
1 hour before race - one bottle perpetuem
Race - 2 gels caffeinated.  

My aim was to score 1 hour 30 minutes. Earlier part of the race I was running with Mr Moey and a few guys, pace slightly faster than 4min/km. I started feeling hungry at Kilometer 10! Gosh my "premium fuel" how come so little, finish so fast? Anyway, I carry 3 gels but finished 2. Below is my running pace recorded by Garmin 910xt. I find it very helpful to run with consistent effort and pace, I managed to beat a few strong runner with this new toy of mine! *grins* 
no more running emotionally =)

May be some runners heard me mumbling. By reminding myself to "tap tap tap", I can quicken my stride and reduce the time of ground contact, and I slightly lean forward. The lift up and back kick tips that Yip gave to the team, I've tried to implement it but not sure if I did it correctly. =)
21km completed in 1 hour 28 minutes, Men Open Ranking No 7 =)

Finished my run, and I went back to look for Annie. Stopped at a stall :
aunty 我没有带钱, 你可以请我喝一杯冷水吗?
she was kind enough to give me. then I asked :
*ini nama dia, sudah kasi betis mintak paha =p

Bumped into a few marshals patrolling the race course, but they were reluctant to help me find Annie. She will finish second as the Kenyan Women Champion finished slightly behind me. So I waited at the last 2km with the cup cold drink. Actually when she came back a bit late than I expected, I worry may be she is not used to GoRun2. Not everyone can handle that super fast minimalist. Luckily she finished strong.

Another team mate of mine Roy Yeow went sightseeing. He was enjoying the course I guess. Being an Ultra Runner, this 21km is just piece of cake for him. He waited for both Annie and I to collect our podium prizes before he left =) Thank Roy! Roy ran with GoBionicRide, the latest version of the GO series. How I wish I have strong ankle like him! =)
Before I left, here is my "trophy" of the day. Bidor famous Duck Noodle! =)

my comment for this race : "Small event but well organized. Race bib collection less than 3 minutes, result came out super fast after top 10 crossed the line. Well marked route, ample water station. "

Photo credits : Yew Khuay & Jason Tan


K3vski said...

Very fast sir! And very serious looking too!

Amazing that you can maintain such a fast pace even towards the end. Strong running. Congrats and well done!

Chan Jun Shen said...

thanks Kevin! =) running with a GPS watch really helps..

Unknown said...

wow~ amazing speed~ I did saw you run after the few Africans leading in front~ Could I get your signature?

Chan Jun Shen said...

Unknown, everyone is running after them =p Lol.. they're so fast!