Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 days after Bidor Marathon.
The post race fatigue was expected to go off in 5 days' time. So I had no intention to run any LSD or high mileage stuff. This morning, the team went 17km from Lumut Naval Base to the traffic light junction of Jusco Aeon. No body runs to Jusco Aeon okay, I thought it was insane. We started slightly after 8am, and the sun was generous to shine directly to our face. A few of the top runners tried to breakaway from the group, and this is what u call "LSD"? =p Their pace was yoyo-ing all the way, while me just listen to my Garmin 910xt.

We had 3 water stations manned by our injured athletes. Everyone tries to contribute to the team, supporting one another. I had so much of thought in my mind telling me to pull out from the LSD, but I had no issues physically. No excuse to quit? I was just lazy. =p Being an officer, I should lead by example. Stride by stride, maintaining pace below 5min/km, I managed to finish my lazy run in 1 hour 15 minutes. I finished first, average pace 4.33min/km. Guess I've already recovered from Bidor Half Marathon, just mentally lazy.

Evening was supposed to be "easy swim", ended up doing sprint laps. My first time wearing fins was no fun at all. I thought I can swim faster with it, get to save some energy to watch movie at night! Haha. So I struggled to be a frogman of the day. Dead tired after the session. Swimming is my weakest discipline among the 3, better buck up!
Did a body composition analysis at our Navy Sports Complex, here is my result =)
Didn't expect my fat % to be scarily low!

At night, my body was feeling feverish. Sigh. Hope to get well by tomorrow morning.

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