Saturday, July 3, 2010

Penutup Tunas Wira 2010

the seniors preparing for Penutup Latihan Ketenteraan Perkhidmatan, and the most junior prepare for Penutup Tunas Wira. here is our PT log exercise, so far i have not tried any log in the units heavier than ours.
the juniors in stand by mode, once they hear the first bang, they'll enter the field in formation.. Tunas Wira intend to break the civilian mentality, and rebuild it into "military spec" they will undergo 6 weeks of military training. everything well planned so that they will be introduced to military life. from weapon practice, tactical and all sorts of physical activities.
hopeful parents and spectators enjoy watching the performance by Cadets intake 2010.
i am exempted for morning military training and allowed to train for malakoff, but i decided to present myself to have a look at their big day. i was very surprised to see so many parents attended the closing ceremony. allowing their son to join UPNM will guarantee free accommodation, tuition fees, monthly pay and entitle for bonus, and last but not least the rank of captain after commissioned.
Line up in a standard line, aiming at the enemy's base.
UPNM need to have our own culture which we're working out on it. Zul Afiq was the big head of Tunas Wira, but he already left for Industrial training. wish he could attend the closing ceremony to see his end product. this will be part of our annual event.

yellow and red smoke grenade.
i have been in this camp for 7 years, this kind of training is just part and parcel of an officer under training's life. training in KDSI 1 is totally different, the influence of Navy Culture is so strong. among the 4 training centers i have been to, KDSI, KD Pelandok, RMC, and UPNM, the Navy has better working culture and better efficiency. I'm making this statement based on my experience working with different officers of different characters. when the Navy took over RMC, i saw drastic changes in RMC and the academic performance improved tremendously.
finally they successfully defeated the enemy.
all cadets intake 2010 running in for the closing ceremony.
no more jungle hats
for 6 weeks they have been wearing jungle hats and camouflage uniform everywhere they go, now they threw away their hats and put on new UPNM beret.
look at the parents' face.. sending their son to UPNM hoping for a better future.
Vice Chancellor giving speech
all the companies are dismissed and the juniors running towards their parents and parents start shouting for their "long lost" son and daughter.

Amirul and I took picture with those juniors who parents can't make it to this occasion. only guys willing to take picture, the girls already heavy downpour.
your parents can't make it? don't worry, u have seniors here=)
this indian lady cried when she saw her son threw the hat and changed to beret.
girl hugging her mum, then cried... so many parents cried when their kids hugged them so tightly after 6 weeks away from home. for some of them, this might be their very first time in life leaving home.

to all juniors, u still have long way to go, hopefully this will be a good start. be smart in choosing role models in UPNM as there will be also bad influence around. finishing the Tunas Wira enable them to be given the privilege to have hand phone, outing, eating at cafe, and SMILE at seniors.



apik said...

aku da start rindu UPNM!

kudabesi said...

good report bro.

glad to look at the future leaders of our country warriors

we civvy depends on all of you