Thursday, March 21, 2013

Born or trained

In KDSI, we're given a task to write "my learning experience" every single day.
After an hour of lecture on leadership, it triggered me to write an article whether Leaders are trained or born. In my opinion, it is both trained and born. 

Similar to world class athletes, they're gifted with superhuman athletic abilities. Can anybody train as hard as them and become an Olympian? I would say no. U need to be someone gifted. Same goes to leadership, an ordinary Joe can be trained to become leader. He might be a good one, but can never be GREAT unless he was born with the "leader's genetics".

Been thinking a lot lately, mostly about life goals. Since everything went haywire, out of control, I had no choice but to divert my attention to my passion - sports & photography. Shit happens sometimes, I really don't like losing my bearing. Guess for now, I'll just stay put and see if there'll be any hope in future. Since I've always missed the boat, I think it is a sign that I should take action, change direction.

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