Sunday, October 2, 2011

MUDS UPM - A meaningful one

Pre race night, I went to my stall and sold satay. u must be wondering why we wear so smart =p

a week ago, I was 3rd in my own University. I've never lost in my home ground, that was the very first time. this week, I'll be racing in UPM, a place where we have always dominated.
a night before race, I was anxiously waiting for the punching heart beat to come. that's a very important indicator of my next day's performance.

to my deepest disappointment, I've lost the punching beat.

I failed? yea the media like to spice things up and make it more interesting.
now Ong and I become like Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei.
when everything goes wrong, not as per planned, just don't give up and change to damage control mode. throughout the week, every single thing went haywire! I didn't wanna give up, I planned my game and strategy. Honestly, I've lost my motivation a day before game. what is left is just an ounce of fighting spirit.

3km first run was normal pace. Ong and Gan had about 200m lead, when I went into transition, they have already disappeared. I did a good fly mount and fastened my velcro strap once my bike was cruising at 40km/h. My confidence slowly build up when I had 12 UPNM Team Mates riding in my peloton. On flat we rode above 45km/h, we chased down all the race leaders and swallowed them. UPM is a flat course, but u really gotta be careful of sharp corners, holes and humps on the road. the peloton went crazy, 12 of my team mates highly motivated and hammering the pedals keeping the pace high in order to keep the gap far from the chase pack. we were in a breakaway, no time to slow down, no time to drink too! my bottle was still full when I climbed the final hill.

I saw the Palm Oil Estate in front, and the super steep hill. that's the final climb. I doubted myself, I didn't believe I could do this. I took a quick glance on my aero bar, so many things crossed my mind within that few mili seconds. My very last phone conversation was a great booster, somebody made a very big request. The moment I thought of it, I got out of my saddle and punch! I attacked the final climb and pulled the gap as far as I could!

I kept asking myself "what the hell?! this might be a wrong move!"

2 words on my aero bar.

If he can ride with one arm, why not u?
Photo courtesy Snap Attack
I was breathing so hard, and my legs were really hurt. Remained focus and not wanting to look back what is going on, I didn't stop hammering my pedals. I'm very sure the chase pack is chasing after me. At one point I felt like a little pig being chased by Big Bad Wolves. Remained in aero position slicing the wind all the way back to transition and did fly dismount. Now I'm the leader.

saw my mum and abang alang by the road side cheering for me. Thanks a lot=)
Honestly, I couldn't really hear people screaming when I cycle. But this time, I could hear my mum and Kicap screaming. Kicap has been my faithful lead out man over the years.
Ong is a damn fast runner, I better work harder.
the chase pack consists of 12 UPNM riders and Ong came in together. the gap was closing up. I didn't wanna know what's gonna happen. I just kept striding at high cadence and maintained the gap. it's impossible for me to go any further, any faster, my engine was over heating!

In sports, we fair play.
U give your best, I give my all. The best man win.
Photo Courtesy Mr Yusof Rashid from Malakoff
u can see my shit face crossing the finishing line. It was really tough. Ong came in 2nd, super close! Later Amirul, Suhaime and Tarmizi came in. Aiman got 6th place, but his bike speed improved.
this is a real big favor u know?
Medal is just a piece of metal, Certificate is merely a piece of colourful paper. It's the racing memories that make life colourful.
Ong brought his girl friend to support him, no wonder I lost to him before this. I'm in disadvantage in this aspect=p so I went to get some morale booster a day before. Haha so now we are equal.

to all the 12 horses in my peloton, u guys rock! Hahaha. people have been commenting how crazy we rode to chase down everyone at the front. U guys simply the best!

Abang Alang treated me with reflexiology.
spent my night with Ahmad, Amirul, Aiman and Abang Alang.

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mh. ali said...

congrate bro..

very inspiring, seriously.

kalo UKM pun anjurkan program nie.semaart juge.