Sunday, February 15, 2009

morning till afternoon i stood for 5 hours plus, back ache leg pain muscles tired but life must go on. morning after the serah terima tugas between the commanding officer, i went for lunch before approach CI. after request permission to enter, i saw one cute lil boy sitting on my Chief Instructor's seat! haha he was throwing erasers and pens in the office while me stood there like a soldier boy=p he came to me n smack my backside. hahaha.. according to CI, Triathlon's achievements, no body knows. i was kinda not happy n shocked. what to do right? the football team got a Lt Cononel to fight for them. since now we have CI, should be no problem i guess.
Btw, before i met CI.. i met one very interesting guy.
all the Lekir and the Kasturi gotta stay back. Major Aspal 3005757 was the man.
-korang ni bijak pandai, tapi tak reti nak pakai otak.
-bila aku kata ko bodoh, ko marah..
-jangan tengok muka aku, tgk "turn out" aku! smart ker tak??
-tak pernah ada dlm sejarah askar ni, orang mintak join askar sampai 5 kali!

hahaha some of his words really scratch me, not only me but most of us. but i would say his words are good. all those speculation from officers, i have no power to stop them. just let it be and our day will come.
another problem that i'm gonna face soon is, my exam interfere with IM. i must rush back one day earlier, or i sit for the exam days earlier than the others. hmm my ethnic relation project, which carry 20%! but my team, totally off track including the whole intake. it might be easy for the palapes to complete it since they can go out everyday, unlike the CADETS!

the same quote always come out from the lips..
siapa suruh masuk tentera?"
aku tak bentang tikar merah jemput kau masuk askar!"
hehehee i'm used to it already. then this morning, one of my batchmate cock up in the parade. shoes unblackened, not shine, and not up to standard. the effect, whole intake show parade. same thing happen same situation, same mistake same punishment, everything the same! tradition never dies.. military culture will go on and on..

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