Friday, February 26, 2010

Langkawi Ironman 2010

a day before IM09, feel very un-secure because i'm not nervous at all..
where the adrenaline rush has gone? where is the sound of heart beat pumping?
where is the nervous when i see the other ironman-gonna-be???

this is very not right...

justnow went to jetty point and met up with papa and mama..
they drove all the way from KL, then took ferry cross to langkawi.
tomorrow will be my big day.. wish me luck=)

yesterday was a nightmare.. my race almost got tarnished by the ZIPP wheels. the wheels are too good, and very high tech. my first time using tubular wheels.
i wanted to pump more air into it, make it 120. as the pressure goes higher, the louder hissing sound i hear. FIRST TIME USING TUBULAR WHEELS IN SUCH BIG RACE! the worst part is i never change punctured tubular wheels before.
i know what to do, and i even tell others what to do. why don't i practice what i teach?

LUCKILY... went to Bike Boutique and let Daniel to helped me out. i asked lots of questions, hoping to gain more knowledge from a bike pro. he did an ironman before, 12 hours 30minutes. he fixed my tubular, and put on the Tufo tape for me=) charged me 45 bucks. no wonder many people still go TBB, the charges worth the service=)

during the registration, the organizers kept the last size S T-shirt for me! i felt so grateful.. coz i know i went there late, and didn't expect them to reserve size S for me..

tonight will meet Dato Zul.. and Dato Amir also. they came here to support us=)

at Seaview, Shahrul gave me the Power Bar shirt. i quickly put it on so that people know i'm a Power Bar eater=p haha=p

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