Friday, February 22, 2013

KDSI 1 - Navy Fitness Test

Bloody perfect score for this evening's fitness test! 

Standing broad jump - 2.5m (perfect score)
4 x 10 shuttle run - 8.46secs
(perfect score)
Heaving - 12
(perfect score)
  2km run - 6.16mins (perfect score)
 2mins Sit up - 52 (perfect score)

This is my 6th day in KDSI 1, so far my luck here have been average. Some day good and some unlucky days. Before I came here, I had the perception that I won't be able to learn anything new. Day Two session with Commander Khairil Hariss, super inspiring session lecturing us about the 4 core values of the Royal Malaysian Navy. I felt really motivated, there's so much I learned in that morning. There's one quote he told us which I'll always remember :

" Don't be the best in the world, be the best for the world "

I missed out a few rewards for sacrificing myself for KAG 6 when I was the Midshipmen CO, but I'm rewarded in other ways. I've done my very best for my intake. I believe in Karma. Be good to people and you'll get good in return =) I don't steal people's credit and back stab to climb up my career ladder. I'll climb my own mountain. 

HOWEVER, our good day didn't last very long. Got 50 push ups from Lt Jehan at the parade square for poor sword marching performance. We've never ever learned Navy's sword marching in UPNM, how on earth would we march well? Sigh. Our bad day didn't last very long too. =p Lt Jehan personally took our sword marching class the next day. He leads by example, standing under the hot sun with us. Deep in my heart I felt honored and truly appreciate his effort. Our Coordination Officer is a hard working guy and highly spirited too, he has so much plan for us, hoping to shape us up so that we'll be good officers one day =)

Hope the good days keep coming. =)

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