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Skechers GOrun2 review

Skechers GOrun2 review

My red colour GOrunride has served me well, hitting well over 120km already. This year, I plan to speed up a little. For that reason, I am considering to train with less cushion, stiffer and  more responsive shoes. Drove to Skechers KLCC with my mum, met up with Yee Ling. She explained to me the differences between GOrun and GOrun2 before I went for a test run near the shop lots. To date, I've tested this new toy of mine at The Pinnacles Australia, 5km Sunday Carbon Free Run and Lumut Naval Base run.      

 The Pinnacles.

Skechers have retained their lightweight injection molded Resalyte Midsole with memory retention to reduce ground impact. The weight of GOrun2 is 6.6oz for men's size 9, so mine should be lighter than that since I'm wearing size US 7. The design is really simple and no nonsense, there's no extra material sewn to the shoes for decorative purposes. Even the "Skechers GOrun2" they patched on the heel collar and tongue are as thin as a film. Gorunride to me is extremely light, now the GoRun2 is even lighter! 

 I scored my PB (19minutes 2 seconds) for 5km during Sunday Carbon Free Run, faster by 28 seconds. =)

Once I put it on, immediately I could feel that they have changed the heel collar, and of course changed it to the better. Before this, I picked GOrunride instead of GOrun because I felt like the shoes was slipping off when I ran, probably the heel collar is too shallow for me. 

Soft heel collar
GOrun2 has super soft and smooth lining allowing me to run with/without socks. The stitches are really fine, definitely help in saving sockless runners from blisters. It has reflective at the front and back, but please strap on your reflective bands just in case you plan to do any night run. 
 Press it!
 Squeeze it! 
GOrun 2 is a very flexible, you can bend it, twist it in every direction. 

 Skechers offers the runners more minimalist feel by taking off the insole. However, looking at the super thin insole, I don't think it'll help much in increasing the minimalist feel, so I'll just leave it there =) Try GObionic if you want more barefoot feel. 

Rockered Bottom 
 The "hump" or "rockered bottom" (whatever you wanna call it) is less "rocky" compared to GOrunride. 4mm of heel drop encourages runners to land midfoot. Independent circular GOimpulse sensors offer feedback for runners for a better responsive running. Also, the gap between circular sensors has been widened. I've done 3 runs for now, no stones stuck in between. Black coloured GOimpulse circular sensors are actually more durable and harder. For that reason, the feedback is more significant around the black GOimpulse sensors. Outsole is stiffer than GOrunride, but has slightly more cushion than GObionic. This is what I'm currently looking for, a pair of shoes which will help me to transition to barefoot. This latest GO series have their circular sensors threaded for better traction =)
stiffer = more responsive = greater speed

See my toe? =p

 The toe box is constructed of stretchy mesh allowing your toes to spread freely during toe off. Comparatively, the GOrunride has broader toe box compared to GOrun2. So, if you feel that GOrun2 isn't wide enough for your duck feet, you might want to try GOrunride. I had no blister problem with the GOrunride or GOrun2. I personally feel that GoRun2 is more breathable than GoRunRide, probably the different mesh material helps to improve the ventilation. My lime green shoes originally came with a grey shoelaces. I changed the lime green laces (it has 2 sets of laces inside the box) to make it more striking =) Similar to GOrunride, shoes tongue are sewn up to the second hole for hassle free bike-to-run transition. Put it on and off u Go! =)
Lastly, when the shoelaces are fastened, it hugs your midfoot pretty well. Optionally, you can loosen the lacing you prefer to wear it loose. If all the eyelets are tightened, it is quite hard to just pull your shoes out without unfastening your butterfly knot. Not to worry, Lock Laces can be your lazy man's solution =) 

More pictures of GOrun2  

**Review unit of the Skechers GOrun2 was provided by Skechers Malaysia for via collaboration with Team 2ndSkin. GOrun2 is now available at Skechers store**


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