Monday, January 28, 2013

Marching Nightmare

We were at the QM complex early in the morning fixing our "buah pedang". Warrant Officer Hayazi taught us by detachment on how to tie it up neatly. As usual, my detachment was the last. So by the time we went to the parade square, all the food was finished. We straightaway marched in empty stomach. The weather was REALLY hot.

So we marched passed the Grand Stand, after giving a long command...
No8 Detachment... bergerak ke kanan dalam 2 barisan... ke kanan... pusing!!!
Suddenly I felt light headed, but I was still able to march briskly. Once I halted at my position, my vision went blur, everything turned black and white. I'm f*cked this time, this is a symptom that I'm gonna faint soon. My fingers were numb, whole body felt cold, and I almost threw up.
Then, I was blind. I couldn't see a thing! 

Lepas mara menghadap, aku dah tak nampak apa2...

I was struggling to contract my calf muscles, my thighs then my glutes, hoping that it helps to pump some blood up to my head. Keeping my eyes open helped me to balance myself despite my vision was lost. I saw only glaring white light. It was quite some time before instructors realized that I was not well. They tried to massage my shoulder and my head, asking me if I wanna pull out. 

Obviously I will not give up on myself! I thought of 2 very inspiring person, one of them is my Subleton Fahizah. She was not well too before this, she stood still and puked on her gloves, but she didn't collapse. I was very impressed with her fighting spirit. Then RSM told the instructors to pull me out, then he did mentioned something about my fitness, this must be a personal attack which scratches my pride. I couldn't hear it clearly.

Badan memang lemah longlai, tapi semangat kuat punya pasal, bertahan jer la.
Walaupun tadi aku buta skejap, aku boleh lagi berjalan keluar medan, sebab dah hafal dah semua step. Kesimpulannya tadi aku kawad orang buta, tak nampak apa2...

I managed to survive the whole parade. Thank God.
Moral of the story, kalau nak pitam :

1. NEVER ever close yr eyes
2. Try to contract muscles to keep the blood flows
3. Jangan tak makan dinner. I skipped dinner yesterday.
4. Keep yr fighting spirit high.

Somehow I felt like it was a success. I didn't feel bad about what had happened. I marched blindly out of the parade square, blacked out for more than 10 minutes, and managed to keep things under control. Later, friends came telling me that I looked like vampire just now =p
So glad that it was over. I had a huge portion of dinner just now, refueled myself as if I'm gonna race tmrw. I'll come back stronger. =)

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