Sunday, January 13, 2013

Detachment Ayam Serama

The Commissioning Parade training started since the past 11 Days. 
Morning march until late evening, then roll call before lights off, get all my uniform and shoes ready before I sleep. Don't have much time for myself. 

Since a picture tells a thousand words, I'm gonna upload at least one meaningful photo of our training be it formal or candid. I've been uploading lots of pictures on Facebook to keep my friends' parents updated! =p Also, I will only use my Samsung Galaxy S2 to snap instead of carrying my Nikon D90 to the parade square. Then I'll do some editing to enhance the colours when I'm back to my room =)

See those pictures on my Facebook wall.

By the way, I was appointed to be the 8th Detachment's Commander. Just so u know, the 8th Detachment is the "cutest" detachment, so the instructors call us Ayam Serama. Before our marching training started, my RSM told me that every year the 8th Detachment will give him headache. However, we have successfully proved him wrong by performing very well throughout our marching training. Since my detachment is dominated by the girls, I have to use a more gentle approach to get things done. =p

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