Friday, December 28, 2012

Best & Worst of 2012

12 months of year 2012 was a sinusoidal period of my life. I enjoyed some really great achievement of my life and also went through a dark period of emotional issues which had totally demoralized me. None of my race report will be mentioned here to not make it boring. I'm sleepy too actually, but eager to write at the same time. =p

2012 is special to me because I was leading the cadet's team to compete in the Intervarsity Eco Challenge, and a huge tragedy happened to my team. Our preparation was close to perfect, confidence was sky high and the team's spirit was roaring throughout the race. Being the pre-race favourite, it was no fun to have a man down in your team, it felt horrible to drag a half dead. This incident has taught me that no matter how invincible a team is, it is God who decides what will happen next. 
 I was invited by Nadea to UIA for a Sports Forum. To date, that was the largest crowd I've ever talked to other than the sports press conference. The questions thrown by the audiences are tricky and I felt relieved for successfully satisfy them with a convincing answer. =p My answers were straightforward, unfiltered, and transparent. People's perception was none of my concern. Great experience for me, really. Making new friends was a bonus =)
 Graduated with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautics) with Second Upper Class. 
During my 2nd year, I thought I'll back term after I failed one subject. It was a hard learned lesson. A huge thank you to all my classmates, family and friends who gave me support along the way. It couldn't be more satisfying to score a degree and achieve so much of success in sports at the same time! =)

 Being appointed to be the Midshipmen CO for the 2nd time. I'm honoured, but they probably had no idea that I was having some very serious personal issues when they voted me to be their leader. Everyday was such a pain to me, I've lost my motivation, the determination and strong will in me had faded, I felt really hopeless. Masquerading my true feelings was tough, my depression was so serious till I ended up seeing a private doctor for medication. I didn't take the medication though, I threw it away =p Family's comforting words was no help to me, I cried MANY times. Most of the time I'll go into the toilet and cry it out, walk out of the toilet as if nothing happen. My only anti-depressant was the sailing lessons. Laser boat sailing kept me occupied and gave me a new purpose in life, I need to pass this boating exams before leaving KDSI! Finally, I'm one of the 11 our of 51 Midshipmen who passed the license. =) My depression did not end even after I left KDSI.

 All other Midshipmen were given the choice to pick any ship they want, except for me. Partly because I was the Midshipmen CO. I was sent to Jebat. Before reporting, I've heard all the discouraging comments which had put me to FEAR. 

"You'll die in his hands." that's what my officer told me before I left UPNM. 
Jebat is the best ship in the fleet, I feared that I wouldn't be able to live up to the expectation. As usual, first 2 weeks of orientation had given me a hard time. I had massive pride for what I did since I was working with all the best officers in the fleet, my 2 months on board has solved my depression problem. Worked like hell, but I felt well. Every weekend if I'm on duty, I'll be the tour guide bringing visitors to tour the ship and explain to them our capabilities. The other ships could feel us when we come alongside next to them. There was no tolerance when come to standard and cleanliness. Being sent there as a Midshipmen, I will never dream of flying with our SuperLynx during the exercise with submarine. I've learned so much and I have to thank Jebat for EVERYTHING especially the officers who had guided me throughout my training.

 Sponsorship by 2ndSkin.
In a year's time, 3 companies have agreed to sponsor our Team 2ndSkin. Eugene and Jason worked hard to get Skechers and Hammer to support us. The special thing about this team is the rapport among my team mates, everyone try to contribute a tiny bit to promote our team. Pampered with T-Shirt, Shoes and Nutrition sponsors, I promise to work VERY hard to make them proud. =)

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