Saturday, November 17, 2012

Duty Tour Guide

Somehow, when it comes to my turn to duty, there must be something special ongoing. My duty hours will be occupied with my specially assigned tasks which double up my work load. As for today, we got a few surprise visits from our officer's guests.  

First group to visit KD JEBAT was AAMO's family & friends. Led them to the wardroom and served them with drinks before my presentation started. It was an impromptu presentation, with no serious preparation, I just flashed a few slides and briefed them about the capability of this ship. A presenter is considered successful when his audiences feel impressed and want to know more. That's what I wanna achieve =p I played our Borneo voyage montage while they're eating. Also, I taught the kids some basic mess etiquette =) The kids enjoyed posing in front of camera! To keep them entertained, I played some songs at moderate volume. Guess what, the kids were humming Bruno Mars' songs! Kids nowadays... =p

I made them pose for me =p

As usual, a family photo for remembrance. =)

Not long after that, another group came in. About 30 minutes after the 2nd group, another group came on board! My normal duty is to fill up the log books, be alert of every tiny incident happening on board, conduct rounds, pick up phone calls, and so on. The ship was really merry today, at least my duty isn't that boring. =p So today, I'm the unofficial duty tour guide.

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