Thursday, November 15, 2012

Durian Feast

Luck is on my side lately, all the good things somehow find its way to me. I couldn't be happier to be invited for today's orchard trip by my TASO (Torpedo Anti Submarine Officer). We went to the orchards owned by DNO's family in 2 cars. Yes, I did say "orchardSSSSS", no typo.  =p
 This was our breakfasts before driving to the orchards.

The orchards are all at Bukit Gantang area. Durian trees are everywhere! We were told that drug addicts steal the durians to fund for their drugs, but the owners don't even bother to reinforce the security because the volumes they're producing has exceeded the demand!

  All officers, only 2 Midshipmen.

My local food knowledge was being tested by the officers. I don't even know this is Asam Gelugor, the dried asam used to make laksa =p Today I learned a new fruit, buah macang. I've been eating sambal macang for so many years without knowing how the buah macang looks like =p Gotta buck up my general knowledge.If I'm not mistaken, I went to 4 different orchards today. Dusun durian, rambutan, macang, pisang, asam gelugor, and star fruit.

 This is what we've collected from the first orchard. We came back with two rug sacks of durian, a big plastic of buah macang and 10 plastics of rambutan. Later, TASO drove us all over Manjung to distribute all the fruits to the ship officers. Banyak sangat buah-buahan kat Bukit Gantang, sampai dah tak bernilai. Nak dekat semua rumah ada pokok durian, mcam la durian ni wajib ditanam. Memang best gila la hari ni, penat, ngantok, nak tido dah.

This post will be a short one. Tomorrow I need to work, gotta catch up some sleep. 
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Good Night =) 

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