Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ah Pek Base Run

I left the gangway around 5.30pm, started my base run doubtfully under the overcast weather. Without proper training to keep my fitness, I was so damn sure that base run will be a huge challenge for me. True enough, my old man's muscle couldn't keep the pace high. At the 3rd kilometer, I panted like hell. Haha =p I was tortoising for the first half section, then I pathetatically snailed my way back to my ship. I bet my face must be really ugly just now =p

Not only I was running with Ah Pek's pace, my form went haywire too. I tried to focus and keep my posture right. SportyPal has all the evidence of my lousy performance today. I didn't even finish my Hunger Games movie when I left the ship, I should have enjoyed a few movies before Monday =p I was contemplating before putting on my running shoes, the laziness in me become overwhelming. Hahaha. I'm a very discipline Navy Midshipmen, that's why I'm willing to  spend my Sunday evening running round the base in agony for the sake of maintaining my lean body =p

 Alright, time to get back to work. Gotta update my task book now. 

The Story of Us by Taylor Swift. I love her lyrics!The best break up song EVER =)

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