Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pangkor Photoshoot

Sleeping in the sonar room makes me unaware of the surrounding. I can only hear announcements and noise from the deck above. Very often, I wake up later than I intended to. Yesterday I planned to do base run before taking ferry to Pangkor for photoshoot session. However, I got up late. Since I don't have a car, transportation has become my biggest headache everytime I get shore leave. I packed up all my gadgets, waited at the jetty for my friend to send me to Lumut town. By the way, I didn't shower nor brush my teeth when I left my ship =p

I had no plan, not sure what am I gonna do whole day at Pangkor. With my Nikon D90, I'm sure there'll be something I can do on that island. It might be raining later, I kept a big plastic bag with me to wrap my camera up. My Samsung S2 wouldn't last whole day, so I carried a Power Bank with me. I need to shower later coz I felt uncomfortable without morning shower, I got myself a small towel before departing. Other than a bottle of mineral water to keep myself hydrated, I did not carry any food with me. To keep things minimal, I brought my IC and cash only. After asking the locals about price range for renting a bike, I know how low can I bargain.

 Hari ni aku jadi Mat Rempit =p

I ran round the island before, it was a "satisfying nightmare" =p Memang kerja gila kalau lari pusing Pangkor. =p Surely I wouldn't do it this time coz due to my poor fitness, I'm just killing myself out there. So, I rented a motorbike. I ride bikes a lot, but not motorbikes. Racing bikes' tyre is about 5 times smaller, so I'm quite confident that motorbike is easier to handle. I shut the engine once reached Dutch Fort. Snapped a few photos, then I showered at the public toilet. My A4 size towel is not gonna dry my body. No choice, gotta do jumping jack in the cubicle before wiping =p Felt so much fresher after bath.

Tu la, kat kapal tak nak mandi. Datang pangkor baru nak mandi.

Here comes the drama, I didn't know how to start my motorbike =p haha. Before getting assistance from one Malay guy, he scolded me. "Kau nak hidup lama ker nak mati awal? Kalau tak der lesen baik pulang balik motor". Anyway, he helped me with it. I rode to the Pangkor town after that, turned the engine off and didn't know how to start again =p Suddenly a young girl walked to her motorbike, I was peeking how she started her bike. Thanks to the 30 seconds lesson, I've solved my problem of the day. At the beach, I experimented a few settings to get good shots of baby crabs. The real challenge came when I wanted to get photos of crabs coming out from their holes. Squatting for about 15 minutes for each hole, my effort turned out to be fruitful. Needless to say, my thighs are feeling sore till today. Worth the pain anyway. Pangkor is also a perfect spot for birding. Eagles are everywhere, but pictures of hornbills weren't that easy to get. Cut short my long story of how I missed my hornbill, I took out my camera late. By the time I pulled out my lense cap, all 3 hornbills flew away. Argh! My last stop was Teluk Nipah and Coral Bay before riding my way back to town for lunch. 
 Mr Crab =)

 I missed it. Didn't have enough time to set up my camera.

 Super nice Wantan Mee =)

My RM 3.50 Homemade Wantan Mee was awesome! The soup has very original anchovies taste, the texture of the noodle was simply excellent. I didn't come to Pangkor for good food, so I would say that this is a bonus. Before I left the stall, I snapped a picture of the stall and posted on Facebook to share it with my friends. Throughout the day, I bumped into a French couple many times but I didn't talk to them, not even a hello. When we got onto the same ferry, I approached them and we had a great chat all the way from Pangkor to Lumut. They love Malaysia very much, especially the local people.

For tomorrow's public holiday, my officer asked me to follow him for durian feast =p Duty with him today is my blessing. However, it comes with a condition which I'm more than willing to agree. I must bring my camera to snap his pictures. Piece of cake la.. =)
Besok upload gambar durian pulak.

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Hasif Haziq said...

Mr Chan you ada suggestion tak where can I get Wantan Mee yg sedap around KL? *and also halal :)