Friday, July 6, 2012

Endomondo Review

2nd day running with Endomondo. 
The weather was overcast and the night was chilly, just perfect for me to do my night run. Come to the 1km mark, Endomondo did not "speak out" my time for the 1km, I was a little curious so I took my phone out of my back trishorts pocket to check if the apps is still running. When I completed the 1.3km loop, it shows 0.75km! Endomondo gave me a good first impression yesterday, but today's performance really upset me. The worst part is, when I come back to check my run via laptop, I saw the map shows my running route was at Jalan Belimbing which is more than 1km away! 

what's wrong with this dumbo-mondo la. 
Have a closer look at the map, it appears that I ran ACROSS rows of houses! OMG, I'm Ironman, but I'm no Tony Stark! =p anyway, I finished the run in 18 minutes, which is around 4.30 mins per kilometer. I'm happy with the improvement. I'm aiming to hit 4mins per km before I go Lumut.  


Zaira Fadzil said...

hahahaha.... pakai nike+gps or runkeeper la chan. much better :D

Chan Jun Shen said...

I'm going for sportyPal. Much much better=)