Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lazy Bump

I'm making a come back after lazying for nearly a month! Days of watching movie, sleep and eat is all over for me. It's time to crank it up and get a kick start. 7 days of Attend C (means MC) will end next morning, so I'm expected to be as fit as before=) I went for a short 5km night run just now, it was really bad.

26minutes for 5km? Worse than an under-15 amateur athlete! at kilometer 3 I was already panting like an old man climbing stairs, kilometer 4 my chest wasn't feeling comfortable and I started to lose my form. It's time to call it a day. As my mum said "tomorrow will be a better day". SportyPal used to be my favorite sports tracker, but recently I've got it replaced with Endomondo. The only reason was because it provides me with my pace for every kilometer. 

Lets see if tomorrow I can run better =)


Zaira Fadzil said...

still far more better than me =..=

i only finish 5km in 40mins :(

Chan Jun Shen said...

You're a girl. I'm just competing with my own capability. I used to run 18minutes for 5km when I was form 5. So I need to buck up=)

Hasif Haziq said...

have you tried nike plus app for your android?

Chan Jun Shen said...

I'll see to it Hasif Haziq=) thanks for suggesting =)