Friday, July 20, 2012

Damage Control Fire Fighting

 Today's training was at TANGKAS. Every Navy personnel must master the basic Damage Control Fire Fighting skills as accident is so unpredictable. Before we started the drills, a junior of mine who had a life threatening experience agreed that this training is extremely important. Long story short, his ship was sinking and he had to climb out of the hatch against the gushing water to escape. He made it out of the hatch, but suddenly the hatch slammed on his foot. He was stuck with the sinking ship, couldn't escape. Then one of the crew jumped into the water and snatch his arm, pulled him out very very hard. That act of valor actually saved his life. Till today he keeps in touch with that man. =)

 we learned how to fight fire and the lengthy procedures. I'm too lazy to explain everything. 
Basically it is like this :
1. someone saw fire and yell "api api api". that's called a loud vocal alarm. Then he will grab the nearest fire extinguisher and put of the fire. If fail to extinguish :
2. next is a 2 men attack party close up to the area equipped with 2 different types of fire extinguishers because fire can be of various type.
3. if the fire is not getting better and becoming smoky, send another 2 men equipped with breathing apparatus to fight the fire with APAK (alat pemadam api kecil)
4. Lastly, if the 2 men failed, 4 men will come in with fearnaught suit to fight the fire. They consist of one team leader, one fire fighter, one boundary cooling, one hose handler.
5. Put a sentry and contamination party  to monitor the condition

Pakistan Navy came to visit Tangkas
Fire fighting training unit
I really like this drying method. Fearnaught suit will be hanged onto this giant hangers and blown by hot air coming out from tiny holes of the metal tubes to dry it up.
Since the past 2 days, this tiny kitten has been walking around my block area looking for its mum. 
today I saw it under the staircase, looking very very weak. I went to cookhouse to get some milk but the steward was too busy to entertain me. So I came back and opened up my tuna. The kitten finished more than a spoonful of tuna! After about half an hour, it started walking around and played with me. Then I went to cadet's mess for lunch. When I came back, it went missing already. 
Such a bad kitty. I feed u and u run away from me...

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