Sunday, February 1, 2015

BSG Property 15km Race 2015 Race Report

BSG Property 15km Race 2015 is another race which I signed up when I was at Pulau Mabul. I could hardly get connections at sea, so at that time I registered 3 back to back races hoping that when I come back from operations I can race during the weekends. On Friday I was on duty as Officer of The Day, it is part of my routine to conduct silent round when everyone is sleeping so the next day I was a little groggy while driving to Butterworth due to deprive of sleep. I met Michael, Jasmine and Ethan at Seaview Tower; one of my favourite pit stop in Penang. I am pretty close with them; it started way back in 2012 when I coached Ethan swimming during my internship in Prai Power Plant. I brought along Ethan’s long due birthday present that I bought from internet. Never had the chance to celebrate with him because of my packed schedule.

Bought him a 4WD TAMIYA, one of the toy that I adored very much when I was a boy. However, the price tag made it elusive for me to own one. I only played those China made ones. I’m glad that he likes it.

We had dinner at Xiao Fei Yang Steamboat, Penang Island. The food was really good, been craving for steamboat in ages. I always have sleeping problem caused by pre race anxiety, somehow on Saturday night I dozed off rather fast after stuffing my stomach with all sorts of sliced meat. I got up at 3am in the morning, pushed off to race site around 4am.

I found a parking lot right next to race site, just couldn’t believe how close it was to the starting line. When I was doing a little warm up, my team mate Annie Yee approached me and gave me a biggie Hi 5. She just scored her personal best in Hong Kong marathon last week, so this week is not likely she is going to score another PB. She doesn’t need PB to thrash the field anyway=). We chit chatted during the warm up before I introduced her to Hammer Anti Fatigue Capsules. I finished my Hammer Perpetuem drink as my pre race food and planned to carry one Hammer Gel Apple Cinnamon flavour with me (another gel given to Annie).

Flag off was super congested. Penang has plenty of super fast runners, my plan was to place myself in the chase pack with 4.00mins/km pace, then slowly drop the pace to around 4.30mins/km. Over the years I have learned to run in my own stable pace instead of chasing the front pack like a man possessed. Garmin Forerunner 920xt will be making its first appearance in racing today. I’ve tested it during training to get familiarized with the functions. I got dropped by a lot of runners in the early few kilometres despite my watch says 4.00mins/km. Recently I feel some discomfort in my knees, Patellar Tendonitis maybe? Hopefully not. I opt to use Kinesio Tape given by Major Kumar when I did my physio with him in Lumut Armed Forces Hospital.

The course was pancake flat, we ran around Gurney Drive then turn back to Tanjung Tokong. At kilometre 9, I sucked in my Hammer Gel as I felt I was at my 80% effort already. The Kinesio Tape supported my knees till this point before it starts peeling off. My pace was gradually dropping to 4.30mins/km already. I really gritted my teeth and close my eyes every now and then to close up the gap with the bunch of runners in front of me. I would say today’s field is really strong. I suffered 3km to bridge that 50m gap! That means they are increasing their pace at every distance marker! Distance marking along the course is very accurate and easily sighted; marshals were way better than the FTKLAA Sports Toto Run. The final 3km was a hell for me, my abs was cramping and my back was getting spasms. My breathing rhythm went one inhale and one exhale synchronized with my steps to support my effort, I guess my body is not ready for this intensity but the mind just says “shut up legs” and keep digging deep! Like Kevin Siah said to me during Ironman, “Dig Deep! Dig Deep!”. I don’t know how deep could I dig somemore or I’m digging my own grave=p I showered myself at all water stations to keep my overheating engine cool, it’s not gonna make my race kit heavier as my 2ndskin team tee is made of Vapor Skin material, ultralight and breathable; as I always tell my team, “feels naked but it got you covered”. After making the final turn, Annie from the opposite site yelled my name but I was dead tired to respond. She was first placing in her category yet still has time to greet me; she made it look so easy. The finishing line was in festive atmosphere with drum beats welcoming the finishers to cross the arch.

GPS is always ready, only me not all the time ready. Haha. 

By the time I crossed and stopped my watch, I was about to pass out. I don’t remember when was the last time I pushed myself this hard. With my work commitment yet I’m able to do average pace 4.19mins/km, I’m contented. I pressed the start button a bit late so that’s why the distance is short a about 300m.
Team 2ndskin in action. 

Annie told me the Anti Fatigue worked for her, so I gave her my whole bottle. Gonna order another bottle for myself soon. She chose to run in the stiffer Skechers GoSpeed while I ran with my Skechers GoSpeed2. Annie sounds very mature and wiser now, life has toughen her up perhaps. 

Meet Calvin Boon, man behind the Alpha Project. He ran a 55mins 15km, did extra distance somemore due to wrong turning at the final U-turn yet doesn't change his champion position. Super fast runner. 
It feels like Chinese New Year already. 

I rushed back to Lumut immediately after race to rest my body before I close up duty as Officer of The Day again on Monday. I had a good massage by Annie (not Annie Yee), the thai lady that fixes my aching muscles. She is about my mum’s age, has abundance of strength pressing those trigger points. As I’m typing this race report, I feel so much fresher and great. Next race, next week's KL City Day Run, see you there. Hopefully I won't get lost again at the same course=)



UglySaddy said...

grammar error. I am "her" not "his"..hahah

Chan Jun Shen said...

Thanks Annie for the correction. I thought you're a man ma... =p

Kevin Siah said...

Dig deep but don't dig your own grave hahaha. Well done on another good race, Chan!

Kevin Siah said...

Dig deep but don't dig your own grave hahaha. Well done on another good race, Chan!

Chan Jun Shen said...

Kevin Siah, Thanks man. Need to get faster to score podium. The field just gets faster everyday.