Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lumut Base Run

 5.2km Loop of the Naval Base Run.
This morning's activity was nothing other than futsal. During fasting month, most of the morning and evening sports are all indoor. I suck in ball sports, and I didn't wanna spoil my running shoes. Sitting at one corner, I was playing Android games which I've been losing for more than 20 times =p I've been playing the war tactical game for about 2 days now, and it drains my battery. 9.30am, I lost the game again, felt kinda fed up already, so I went for base run. By 10am I have to be back to the quarter master, it was sort of racing against time. Coming back late, I'll get extra "exercise" from the officer. because of my ankle injury, I switched to core workouts. It'll be nice to get back my 6 packs =p It turned out to improve my running performance.I completed the base run 1 minute faster than my best time.

I managed to finish the 5.2km loop in 20mins 35 secs. I forgot to stop my SportyPal which ends up with 24 minutes. This is by far my personal best for this loop. Later, while checking my pace from my laptop, I saw all our naval vessels from the map! They're watching over us, but the map is outdated=p The engineer's brain suddenly popped up an old fashion but brilliant idea to solve this problem, I'm gonna suggest this to the navy in future =)

The juniors undergoing Alpha Routine Square Bashing =)

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