Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week two

 with the PSSTLDM reporting to KDSI 1 to join our training, our routine has become more interesting. This Pasukan Simpanan is manned by people from all walks of life. And the best part, most of them already have a stable career and high position in their respective fields. That made me wonder why they wanna join the Navy? They have family and kids at home waiting for them, right after night round they will make phone call just to inform their family that they're in good condition, and still surviving. Among them, 3 of them are from UPNM, my lecturers!

In the military, rank is everything. I'm 5th year midshipmen, they're 1st year midshipmen. So they gotta salute us. It feels very awkward when someone elder than u address u as "Sir" especially when that person is someone u know very well. =p For example, Dr Wisman is from UPNM, when I started talking to him, he ends his sentences with a "Sir" as a mark of respect for my seniority. But I told him during casual time just talk to me like normal and call my name. =)
 Dr Wisman standing in the middle smiling =)
3 days of marching, the scorching sun was really unforgiving. The first 2 days was 6 hours march from morning till evening. 3rd day was a hell of 10 hours on the parade square! After 3 days of sunburning our skin, we were extremely exhausted. The Gunnery Instructors were tired as well, but since it is stated in the weekly training program, so we just proceed with it.

Same colour

My fitness test for this time was okay. Considering my injured ankle, I'm satisfied with the result. The Malaysian Military Standard Fitness Test for men, if u want to score an A, u need to do :

2.4km run - below 10 minutes
sit up - more than 50 times within 1 minute
standing broad jump - more than 2.5m
chin up - above 10 times
4 x 10m shuttle run - below 10 seconds

my result was 
2.4km run - 9.42mins
sit up - 50 times
standing broad jump - 2.5m
chin up - 18 times
4 x 10m shuttle run - 9.21 secs 

scoring 25/25, perfect score. The aftermath, a swollen ankle. went to see Dr Wisman, he said most probably I have soft tissue damage.

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