Thursday, March 8, 2012


week 3 of semester, everything went well including my goal to be more hard working. I've never been the "lead out" of my class especially when come to meeting lecturers and completing assignments. I'm a little surprised with me still maintaining the momentum to complete assignments on time. Because the previous semesters, that will didn't last more than a fortnight. 

I'm always very cautious with people around me, years in the military has taught me that friends will show their true colours in desperate condition. And I like to observe their behaviours when they're pushed to the limit. Like it or not, there're not many real friends in life. Some people are just passer by, some are just a temporary platform to step on, most of them waiting to stab your back. I don't back stab people, but I'm ever ready to retaliate. The rank holders' name list just came out, but that's definitely not my main concern as I've never ever put any effort to make myself outshine to get more stripes on my shoulder. Rank will always come with responsibility and authority, both need credibility. People's perceptions are just so mysterious and unexpected, I wonder why am I in the list. To be very frank, I've rejected ranks for 3 times. I was thinking that I'm not ready, and couldn't live up to superior's expectations. Or may be the absolute real truth is I'm lazy to do admin jobs.  

Before the nomination, rumours will spread, then your name will be called very often to meet officers. As for this time, I rejected the first time when I was called into the office. My excuse was, my pointer is slightly above 3. Any more responsibilities will make me grad with 2nd lower. Then there're rumours spreading talking about the rank holders' list which I didn't bother. Then days ago when I saw the list, I told myself no matter what my new rank is gonna be, I shall stop giving shit excuses to avoid responsibilities. Everything happens for a reason, this will be a good test for me I guess. Also, I believe responsibilities will make me get over the past quicker.  

Years back when we went to KDSI, I took up rank. The moment I was nominated, I said "Yes I'm ready". Actually, at that time I just broke up and I needed to get over it. I'm so glad that emotions didn't affect my decision making, I was under control, never threw tantrums. I'm a man full of patience, I've never ever scolded any non-military girl friends. My military girl friends are my comrades, we draw the same pay every month. So to not be sexist, everyone must do the same training, carry the same load, run the same distance =p I have no choice but to yell at u when u run slow because u are wearing the same uniform as I am =p

If only u are my non-military friends.... hahaha 

 Bunga ros yang dibaja, bunga di bahu pula berputik....

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