Friday, March 9, 2012

Going Barefoot

I should have start tapering 5 days back, but Jasmi asked the team to run 10km on Monday evening. Groggy me just woke up from a super nice evening nap, lazily dragged myself to the sports complex. I wasn't in the mood to run long, 10km was kinda "long" for that Monday. Anyway, it didn't take long for my engine to warm up. The next thing I did was punching a little harder to drop the group. One junior managed to follow me despite me trying to drop him. It is amazing to see them improve so fast =)

I bumped into brother Yim during the Newton 25km. I was really curious why wouldn't he get injuries running with non-supported and very minimum cushion shoes.After reading lots of articles on barefoot running, I could understand better what Yim Heng Fatt was trying to tell me. He ran many Ultras with his Vibram 5 fingers! I saw Mohan Marathon who did more than 100 marathons, also wearing the same thing. Late Mr Ngae too loves to run barefoot. He always tell me that he likes to feel the ground. Hmm may be closer in touch with the nature is a good thing. 

I used to wear minimalist shoes, then got injured for running the wrong way. Next I learned about stability and cushion technology in shoes, I recovered from my injuries and started to believe in it. Now that I'm quite happy with my strides and arm swing, I'm gonna focus on strengthening my ankles. So, I run barefoot on the grass first. I run barefoot at the field 3 sessions a week, around 20 mins per session. Hopefully, it'll make my Achilles tendon stronger, and more flexible. Stability shoes make the heel slightly elevated due to the high ramp angle and thick gel padded heel. Heel strike wouldn't be so punishing when running with cushioned heel, so we wouldn't really notice the mistakes we've made. I'm trying to improve, then migrate to minimalist shoes. Running with minimalist shoes requires good Achilles tendon flexibility, strong calf muscles and ankles. After every training sessions, I'll lift up my knees then start writing ABCs with my toes to strengthen my ankles. Hopefully, I'll get to wear minimalist shoes before MUDS =)

2 more days to Brooks Half Marathon. On race day, the rank holder's selection will also go on. So I won't be around. Everything happens for a reason right? =) whatever will be, will be. This is one of the very few occasions where I let the fate decide. =p
Last year's Bareno 21km, I did 1.29. Let's see if I can go faster this year! =)
the body can achieve what the mind perceive.

Life of a student gonna end real soon! I won't compete in the Uni category any more after this. Suddenly it makes me feel a little gloomy and downhearted. However, that moody feeling immediately disappears when I think about ever ending assignments =p Assignments no more! Haha

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