Thursday, March 1, 2012

Flying High

My collection of receiving award with all 3 Vice Chancellors throughout my cadet years. 
I hope one day when I serve the forces, I will continue to excel and decorated with awards and medal of honours. As for now, every single year I'll go up on stage to receive awards =)

Dato' Wira Ismail Samion (1st UPNM vice chancellor) 

Dato' Wira Allatif bin Mohamed Noor

The one with Dato' Pahlawan Haji Zulkifli went missing. =(

Just now I had a short chat with my officer. He was telling me to stop all my sports and focus on military trainings. The immediate answer I gave him was, "Sorry Sir, No." Then I was lectured for about 30 mins. I told him I can't stop doing what I really love. However, I'll have to stop one day when I joined Zulu. Honestly, I appreciate his reminder because not many officers are willing to share career tips and advices with the cadets. May be to them, cadets don't have the rights to have short chats with officers. I'm very clear with what I am doing, I always take control of my life. I don't wait for things to happen, make things happen!

After graduation, a year in KDSI will be well spend with the Navy's triathlon team. Then I'll have to slow down to focus on my career development. Engineering society class taught by Ir Ghani opened up my mind, his experiences in the industry and military made his class more interesting. He showed us the way to be a professional engineer, now it's all up to us to grab as much knowledge in our respective fields before serving the society. Now I have a better idea how I want my future to be like...

10 more days to Brooks Half Marathon, trying to gain mileage before I start tapering =p I just realised Brooks and Kenyir is so close to one another. whatever it is, I'm gonna enjoy my race! no stress, no high aims, just wanna have fun =) 

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