Thursday, March 15, 2012

I was called to the office yesterday, not just me but all the other rank holders. After 4 hours of meeting, it drains my energy. At 0030H, I was extremely exhausted. Normally, at that time I'll be doing assignments or watching movie. I came back and saw my room mate's engineering drawing on the table, so I draw this bull on his paper =p 

"What happened to u Chan??!! U look so skinny... haven't been eating much?" 
That was the very first thing Dr Dian said to me when I went into her office. A lot of friends said the same thing too, especially my Penang friends. I have Alvin to thank for feeding me with all the good food, I was 58kg back then. Before I recovered from gastric, I was 52kg. Right now I'm happy with 54, I feel healthy. In fact, my engine is in top form now =p

"Always keep your soldiers busy. When they have too much of free time and freedom, the brain starts thinking and the energy will be misused. That's why the special forces need to go operations every now and then, to keep themselves occupied. " - Lt Col Khairul Hasni

His words really make sense.


Jacksjye said...

Hi, I'm first time reader. I've heard alot about you. Great post! i'm inspired by the quote, Couln't agree more. SO, i'm gonna keep myself busy too, to focus my strength and energy into the impostant things! =)

Chan Jun Shen said...

Thanks=) hmm have we met before? please don't listen to what people talk about me. It might not be true. =p

Jacksjye said...

We have not officially met. But I guess I had seen you in real and flesh, from far. It was last year in UM. :P Don't listen?! Well, they just told me some facts. Don't worry.