Friday, March 16, 2012

The Chicken Story

Talking about defence and ammunition projects, Lt Col Ir Ghani (R) is the right person to talk to. My supervisor is super qualified to assist me, but I guess asking for second opinion will do no harm. I faced problem when doing my simulation since last month, I had a tough time struggling to familiarize with the icons and functions in ANSYS. I was really really stressed up, so I went to see a "simulation expert". He started condemning my project and sternly refuse to help me with the simulation if I don't correct my project to suit his way. 

Problem number 1, he asked me to delete the word APFSDS from my topic. Immediately I know he doesn't understand my project. One thing for sure, vocabulary of ammunition is not for u to understand in a day! I spent one whole semester to understand this project, it's really not easy unless u are military personnel who went for courses. Ir Ghani and my supervisor both have attended many ammo and weaponry courses, but they never ever claimed themselves expert.

Just now, I had tiny hope for the simulation to work after recalling what Ir Ghani told me, 
"If no one is going to help u, trust yourself and do it yourself"

After about an hour clicking here and there trying to load the geometry and solve the simulation, all of a sudden it runs! all the stresses on object were clearly defined! I was really happy, felt like crying. I started this simulation myself, no body assisted me. I really went through hell! Although Ir Ghani didn't help me with the simulation, his words kept me going. 

here is a story he shared with us in the class
When I was the commandant, my men told me the size of chicken served in cook house is too small. I'm not an expert in military ration, but i made an effort to flip books and records. It is stated there, all  soldiers must be provided with 200g of chicken meat. I didn't wanna make assumptions or accuse anyone. So I stormed the cook house with my weighing balance. The staffs were shocked when they saw commandant coming in. I weighed all the chicken served for my soldiers, all less than 200g! Seems like the soldiers are right. If 20g went missing for one piece of chicken in one meal, the whole 3000 servings will result in  60kg lost which equals to around RM500. That's for one meal, what if 3 meals a day? I gave the In Charge last warning, or else his rank will be stripped off. That's how u portray yourselves as an engineer. 

people like him, talk with life experience making the class really interesting. No body sleeps in his class, no body dares. 

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