Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Fun Run

From my room, I can see KL city very clearly especially the magnificent KLCC. I am not very sure how far will that be from my house, but i feel that it is do-able. I slept at 2am last night, then woke up at 6.30am to run. The weather was cooling, superb for a slow run =)
I had 3 sachets of ORS and cash with me just in case I cramp halfway. Also not forgetting my IC, without my IC I can never get out nor get in the gate. That's the Pros and Cons of staying in ministry of defence.

I brought my shoes back, I only use my race shoes on race days. My Asics Racer Trainer has been on the shelf for months, it's show time! =p This is one of the best shoes I ever had. I didn't use it for yesterday's fitness test because I don't wanna spoil the sole during high speed shutter run. By the way, I scored perfect score for fitness test.
2.4km run - 7mins 57 secs
2 mins sit up - 65
heaving - 13
4 x 10m shutter run - 9.50 secs
standing broad jump - 2.45m

my initial broad jump was 2.4m, then I asked for 2nd try. My PTI was so sure that I wouldn't do better for the next try, and I just proved him wrong! I did better by 0.05m better! =p haha. This is my 4th time scoring perfect 25 throughout my years in UPNM. That shows that all this while I've been really lazy, not pushing myself hard enough! =p 

 Although some parts of my running route is uneven, most of the sidewalks are very wide and I really enjoyed myself running. At Jalan Tun Razak, my left foot landed wrongly and I stopped running to make sure there's no serious injuries. I really really don't wanna hurt myself unnecessarily. So I ran home slightly slower.
end point =)

This is my cooling down. I spent time squaring up the garden =)

my vermi compost project=)

food waste are buried and degrade. after some time it'll be very fertile and I'm gonna plant roses in it =)
This is the cheapest and environmental friendly way to breed worms. 

I took 15 mins to run from my house to KLCC, it was a really productive sunday morning =) 8km completed with the total time of 35mins.

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