Monday, January 9, 2012

Losing steam

I'm feeling tired and losing steam already, been getting lost of pressure and tasks from officers and instructors.  The only thing that keep me going is the cadets in the team. 
They're full of enthusiasm and highly spirited. This morning, a junior of mine requested to train with the team despite he will never make it to the D day. he just wanna follow the training. 
43 cadets were short listed to be in the Eco Challenge Team, 8 more will be kicked out this evening if they fail to cross the monkey rack. Yesterday I went and tried the monkey rack with 10kg backpack, came back with blisters on my hand. As a leader, u do it first before yr man. This evening, their turn to do it. 

imagine if u drop into this chest deep smelly water... yucks =p

decision making is just tough and cruel. that's the way life is. 

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