Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hard head

Week one of January, I've completed a 25km Run, and now preparing myself for the inter varsity Eco Challenge. It's amazing that how I can complete so many tasks in a week even during exams season. I just wanna keep myself occupied and have an achievable goal to make my life more colourful.

90 Cadets registered for the Eco Challenge, and I'm appointed to be the team leader. Tell u what, most of them join this game for one reason - they think they're tough and now they wanna prove it to everyone. We did selection yesterday, and u can imagine how tough the competition was when Aiman, Amirul and I had a hard time getting ourselves at the front pack during the run. This team will consist of hard head cadets who are too reluctant to just stay in their room to study for final exams, they want extra challenges. When I saw the name list, I got scared. These are the legends of their Battalions, they did superb in the previous Eco Challenge. So now they wanna contribute to the University. 

I'm a hard head person, leading a bunch of stubborn tough guys. I'm glad to see the level of commitment and zeal they put in to outshine others. Keep up the good work guys=) 

I feel so proud to be in the team of people with undying fighting spirit. It is an honour for me. 

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