Thursday, January 5, 2012

UPNM Inter University Eco Challenge

DATE : 10 - 13 FEB (not confirm yet)

You are physically fit? Mentally tough? Need a platform to flaunt your toughness? 
Eco Challenge is the right event for u!

Eco Challenge is an annual event where all Battalions will send a platoon of their toughest cadets to compete, just to prove who is the best among the best. This event includes all elements of our weekly military training.It covers physical training, cross country, obstacles course and also some basic martial arts skills (to be used during the obstacles course). 

Just so u know, each battalion will be given a month to prepare their cadets before putting them on the starting line. This event started 2 years ago, no matter how well we prepare, the unforgiving obstacles course and cross country track gets tougher each passing year, making this event super challenging and pushes all challengers to their limit. On this race course, there will be no less than 3 cadets collapse during the game every year.

Cross country route will cover approximately 10km in jungle area of Kem Perdana Sungai Besi. Participants will pass by our Survival Village, fishing pond, star fruit farm, orchard and also Bukit Besi. By the way, all participants will be wearing FSMO (Full Service Marching Order) with complete layout throughout the game. The backpack will be around 10kg, excluding pouches and braces. Normally we will carry gun with us and complete ration to simulate real life operation condition. After trail running for 5km, u will start panting and feel the soreness on your shoulder for carrying heavy load. If u come with winning thought, u will race with speed. And that is the main reason why many collapse because they couldn't keep up with their comrades' speed. In this critical time, your team cooperation will be tested because one man collapse will cause serious penalty.

No one will understand how fast this game is unless they've joined this gruelling event. Everyone is being pushed to the limit! On race day, not only the loads u need to carry is slowing u down, the heat and the slippery trail make things worse! I've joined this event every year, and this event is never easy for me.

high speed + heavy load = collapse
Only the strong survives

Each platoon manned by 30 male cadets and 4 lady cadets will also carry 2 land rover tyres, 2 logs, 2 magazine cases. Then, whole platoon will be tested on obstacles course which covers 8 infamous obstacles namely monkey rack, 6 feet wall, commando crawl, 12 feet wall, and so on. Then, all participants will proceed for kayaking. Not to worry, life jacket is provided. Lastly, the platoon will carry a 300kg assault boat all the way from Pusat Marin to the finishing line.

 If u wanna experience the pain first hand, register for this event! Refer to your university's student affair. Invitation letter has been sent.

This year's event has been made more do-able and the intensity has been greatly decreased since this is the very first time we open to public. So, no shooting, reduction of distance, less obstacles and less load to carry. According to the person in charge, this event only open for PALAPES and SUKSIS, and they must clock minimum of 6 months cadet training before joining this event.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!
Are u tough enough? This is a race for bragging rights.

 Hope to see u at my play ground =) 


TriStupe said...

Fantastic lah bro. Wish i am still eligible for this!

Chan Jun Shen said...

TQ Sir.. haha too bad this is a big Team event. I'll let u know if we open for smaller team next time=)