Friday, January 13, 2012

Clearing the cloud

Days back I saw a post on the leadership qualities of the Muslim prophet, there was a very long list, but one that caught my attention was :
"he will talk only when needed, and will only explain to clear his name to stop rumours"
I believe all religions want to guide their devotees to the good path, so it doesn't harm me to know more about other religion. Today, I had a discussion which accidentally turned argument with a friend. what I did was to explain and hope the opposition can see things clearer. There's no point talking to an angry man though. The anger will cloud everything and soon will come out with all sorts of facts for defend purposes. 

One of the argument was slightly related to my family. This friend (although he is hot tempered, i still treat him as a friend), mentioned that the 2nd time when we went for the naval training, I wasn't slapped by the officer because my father is a captain. which means my father's power indirectly secured me from that slap. That emotional outburst actually leaked all his hatred and anger he had with me all this time. Then I explained what other burdens and tortures that I had during the training just because my father is a captain. I've never ever asked for exemption from training using my father's power. In fact, they were invited on board my father's ship for a visit after me asking for them. I know not many will understand because they've never been a captain's son. I was manhandled because my father is a captain. what bullshit is that? One thing for sure, I pave my own way and I excel with my own style. I'm in the technical branch, unlike my father in the executive branch. If people still like to talk rubbish saying my success is all because of my father, I shall smile at them and pity their small mind.

Then the topic swayed to being appreciative. The point was I didn't appreciate the holiday I have with my family. Deep down my heart I pity this kind of thinking. I sacrificed my holiday many times throughout my years here, and my family has been really supportive. They hardly say no when I mention that I need to spend time training especially when come to sports. I'm surrounded by super productive and competitive family members, I've been brought up this way since small! 

On your way pursuing your dreams, u might spend less time with your family. One thing for sure, your family members will not feel jealous of your achievement, it is something they can be proud of. I'm moving into a new house soon, I'm imagining a big wall of fame to hang all our paper cuttings on that wall. It's not easy to fill this wall. Slowly but surely, the wall will be covered with paper cuttings in no time.

Thinking of what my family have achieved, is really gratifying.


K3vski said...

Yeah family rocks! I'm very lucky that my family is so supportive too.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Yr family is another unique one.. whole family sportsman! haha. it's really lucky to have supportive family.