Monday, January 16, 2012

Dua Tiga Kucing Berlari

 Last week, we managed to hit very high mileage. To be very frank, I was shocked to see our training record.
I didn't really feel it. In fact, amirul also was surprised when I told him about our record. Previous Saturday, I led the team up to Bukit Besi. Those who have done this track before, definitely know what to expect. I'm very sure many of them got blisters and muscles pain after the training, but I constantly remind them that we are the best among the best, keep holding on! This Brigade formation is manned by all the best cadets of every battalion. We are extraordinary people, so we can take care of our own problems. 

The training running up with Bukit Besi wearing FSMO has pushed them to the limit, a few couldn't keep up with the pace, some had minor injuries. But still, everyone made it=) This is a military sport, to be specific, it is an Army sport. Although I'm a Navy cadet, I was appointed to be the Platoon Leader, I'm really honoured.  
Aiman Running down Bukit Besi
Tortoise Pace...
 total distance covering more than 12km.
Now u see how crazy Bukit Besi is...

Today the instructor made us run 2 rounds carrying 10kg pack with the PALAPES, then I saw many angry faces among the cadets. One of them came to me and said "what the hell man? 2 rounds?". So I requested for another 2 loops. The moment my request was granted, everyone cheered so happily. 
This team, is a crazy team, full of enthusiasm. We want challenge!

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