Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 Chinese New Year Holiday was more of a house shifting period instead of Ang Pow collecting holiday. This year is the least Ang Pow I've ever collected in my life! As a grown up, I enjoy spending time with family, ang pow comes second. They're people who says I'm not very Chinese, but they don't know the super chinese side of me. For example, I arrange my room referring to Feng Shui. I do this annually without failed, hope to avoid misfortune and bring me more prosperity and good luck=) My grandma likes my room and she slept with me a night before I came back to UPNM. we had a quality chat before she dozed off...

common question she will ask "when are u gonna get girl friend?"

actually, to me liking someone should be something really special and if possible it happens only once. I wanna have a permanent, long lasting relationship. liking too many people at one time is just not me. As for now, personal growth and development come first. That's why I didn't bother getting myself Flower of Romance, I got myself five element pagoda with tree of life instead.

All my medals will be kept in a shoe bag. Medals should be my motivation to keep moving, not to show off. hopefully I'll brag less after this =p easier said than done.  

everyone who came into my room were very impressed with our wardrobe =) this is how we're trained to fold our clothes in the camp. Done with my room, I went and made a bird nest. Even since small I've always liked outdoor activities, trap birds and catch insects. I'm gonna blog about my bird nest in my next post=) 

Aiman, 2 other seniors and I went for supper after roll call. Aiman told me about his problem, and he said he feels like reporting to the special force to let go all stresses. I can't agree more! That's the main reason why I'm now in the Eco Challenge Team. When I face emotional pain, I will take up tasks and ranks. I rather be productive than grieving on the unchanged past. After Eco Challenge, I'll plan for something really extreme. 

I won't stop when I'm tired, I'll stop when I'm done =)

this is one impressive video made by the Zulu cadets. watch this if u wanna know more about our military cadet trainings=)

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