Friday, January 27, 2012

Beautiful game

The Intervarsity Eco challenge is just 2 weeks away and the our training has been intensified to face the extreme challenge. In this brigade's formation, only the very best will make it to the first team. The 12 obstacles has given me enough cuts and bruises. My backpack's load slows me down and I always come home with muscles soreness. I'm one of the tiniest team member, but it didn't stop me from surviving the challenge. I believe all 45 cadets in the team are the people I can count on during D day. The cadets are taking this game like a war, there's no second place in our mind. In war, there's no runner up, either u win the game or totally lose it. The winner will write history and the loser bare the humiliation. I pray for a beautiful ending for my very last Eco challenge in UPNM. I want this game, this team, to be legends who will be remembered every time when people talk about Eco challenge.

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